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5 Top Countries to See The Magnificent Paddy Field Art!

1. Japan

The rice paddy art or in Japan called as Tanbo Art, is located in Inakadate village in Aomori Prefecture. The gigantic 3 D pictures is drawn in a rice field with a mix of different plants to give colors. The inspiration of the drawing is unlimited but the Japanese love something taken from tradition or culture such as a traditional tale “momotaro” or animation like “Naruto”.

rice paddy art
rice paddy art, Japan

2. China

You also can enjoy the paddy rice field art in Shenyang, capital of Northeast China in Liaoning Province. The Sibe people is the ethnic group in this area who produce rice field art for pray for blessings. The rice field also attracts more tourist to this province because of its beautiful arts of china’s deities, animals, and detailed view.

rice paddy art in China

rice paddy art in China

3. Korea

The local government in North Chungcheong province had an idea in 2008 to use rice paddy field art or tanbo art to promote the region and its produce. They have created an image of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon in rice paddy field in Chungju, and image of Sun Wukong in Goesan County.

rice paddy art in Korea
rice paddy art in Korea

4. Philippine

In Philipines the paddy art was made in Los Banos, Laguna. The paddy art was a project of The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) to encourage millennials in rice farming. The artwork made by anamorphic principle where the image becomes clear after it viewed from a certain angle.

rice paddy art in Philippine
rice paddy art in philippine

5. India

A Paddy Art fever is also reached India in Donje Phata, Pune. The person who behind it is Shrikant Ingalhalikar. At first he saw the Japanese Tanbo Art on the internet and fascinated by it. He made this art to motivate the youngsters in Pune and nearby village to take agriculture. The village also become popular tourist attraction.

rice paddy art in India
rice paddy art in India

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