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5 Weirdest Cafe and Restaurant in the World

1. Cereal Killer Cafe, London

If you are Cereal Killer Nerd then this cafe is a perfect place for you to “Kill” around 100 of cereal flavors. To make it more intriguing they also have 30 different varieties of milk and 20 types of toppings. Hmm, Yummy…

Cereal Killer Cafe, London

2. Alcatraz E.R. Prison Cafe, Japan

Nothing can beat Japan in quirkiness since you can find it in every corner in Japan. Especially in Alcatraz E.R Prison Cafe…weird place designed as prison and food served in a place that is beyond imagination. For example: would you eat a jelly pad for appetizer? It’s a jelly serves on a tampon, they will stir your drink with a dildo. If I saw that, I will probably just run away from there. I found out from this restaurant that there’s only a thin line between crazy and quirky.

Weirdest restaurant

3. Bustronome, Paris

You want to go sightseeing in Paris but doesn’t have a lot of time? Or you are tired of the hassle waiting in line just to eat in a restaurant near the Eiffel tower? Don’t worry Bustronome will solve all your problem! This is a mobile fine dining experience. You just need to hop on the bus while seeing several beautiful places in Paris without the need to feel worried about a reservation or starving in line!

Bustronome, Paris restaurant

4. Fife and Drum Restaurant, USA

The restaurant has a usual interior just like any other restaurant but what’s not usual is the workers in this restaurant. They are inmates and work here so they can learn new skills when they get out from prison. From the workers face, they look really enjoyed their role. This is a really wonderful idea to support humanity !!

America Restaurant

5. The Bar Stock Exchange, India

If you want to know how investment work or more exactly how to be broke in your investment…then you should go to this bar in India. This bar offers a thrilling experience since you don’t know how much the cost of your drink. Probably you also need to see the Bar Stock market on the wall just to make sure that you bring enough money Lol. They work based on stock market exchange principle, so the price of the drink will increase based on its popularity.

Bar Stock exchange india

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