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5 Weirdest Inventions You Should Have Now!

Hi Buzzers! What is the weirdest invention you have seen in your life? At first, probably we will raise our eyebrow and laugh about it but later maybe we start to enjoy it. So, Buzzers here is the weirdest invention you might want to have or do in your life!

1.  Grass Flip Flops

Do you want to bring grass wherever you go? Then grass flip flops are the answer. The people behind it probably translate the phrase “Getting Closer to Nature” too literally but hey…who doesn’t like bushy grass under your feet? It can be a good way to increase your senses…or as camouflage if your feet don’t want to be seen.

Grass Flip Flops

2. Baby Mop

The advertisement said it’s better than pants!! Baby mop it’s a romper for your baby with mop frills. Your baby can help you clean the floor while crawling on it..genius isn’t it? Well, I hope the regulation of child’s labor doesn’t apply here lol.

Baby Mop

3. Lazy Football Chair

If you are big fans of football and wish to play it everywhere then congratulations!! You must love this chair designed to bring football close to you! Now both of you are inseparable. Your boss may want to kick some balls too…

Lazy Football Chair

4. Otonamaki

Otonamaki is adults wrapping. This is an invention in a therapeutic method which usually used for babies in Japan that called  Ohinamaki. This therapy believed can improve your posture problem and stiffness. I am just afraid if they forget to open my blanket and I will be suffocated in there….will you do it Buzzers?


5. Snake Massage

Another weirdest invention in a massage therapy process. Massaging usually will give your muscles a relaxation so you can think clearly and brightly but not with this snake massage. Forget your thought to make a complaint if the masseuse doesn’t do massage as your wish since they are snakes!! I wonder what kind of relaxation they had by putting the snakes all over their body..but thanks I won’t seek any further.

Snake Massage

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