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5 Weirdest Shop In Los Angeles You Will Never Imagine!

1. Time Travel Mart

Just like its name, time travel mart offers things that existed in the past or in the future. It’s anything you need for time traveling..for example, is a canned primordial soup just in case you get back to the primordial era.  This shop also a nonprofit for literature. If you enter the back door, you could find a classroom, free tutor and writing classes for kids. They also sell the books that have written by the kids in their shop.

Weird Shop in LA

2. Nick Metropolis Collectible Furniture

Nick Metropolis is the founder and collector of all the stuff you will see here. This furnitures and antiques has been collected for 23 years and also called as the largest junkyard. It’s a place which will inspire you in a way you couldn’t find anywhere.

Weird shop in LA

3. The Los Angeles Sock Market

The world’s largest sock market!! You will find unique variety of socks that can make your feet even more stunning. If you want to buy one for Santa in Christmas, he must be surely appreciate that..

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4. Wacko Soap Plant

Wacko soap plant is an exciting store to find you a hand-crafted soap bar since 1971. The soap also has books, ceramics, jewelry in their collection.

Wacko soap plant in LA

5. Dapper Cadaver

Dapper Cadaver has collection collections of weird interior stuff like zombies, humans leg, skeletons and lots more. The makeup and costume are very realistic and scary. Well, can’t wait to hang this one in my living room…

Zombie shop in LA

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