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5 Wondrous Landscapes in Switzerland

1. Chateau de Chillon

This castle is the most visited historic monument in Switzerland. The location is near Lake Geneva, south of Veytoux. In the beginning, Chillon castle is designed to guard the strategic road through Alpine passes by the Romans. Chillon has many stories and has gone through a lot from used as a roman post, summer home to the counts of Savoy, state prison, and weapons depot. Even though it has diverse stories from time to time, this castle still charms the visitors with its beauty and history.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @christofs70

2. Jungfrau

Jungfrau is a beautiful mountain in the Bernese Alps and it has elevation at 4,158 meters. The name Jungfrau has a meaning as Maiden or Virgin. It called that way probably because it was really difficult to hike to the top but no need to worry, now there is a railway to Jungfrau. Jungfrau Bahn Cog railway connects to Jungfrau Rail Station at 3,454 meters which make it as the highest railway in Europe.

Credit: Photo by @pagano1012

3. Lavaux Vineyards

Switzerland is not only about beautiful mountain views. It also has this amazing vineyards terraces as wine is crucial in giving economic growth for the people. The Vineyard terraces here already exists since the 11th century which makes it as one of the Unesco World Heritage site.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @wonguy974

4. Lake Lucerne

This enchanting lake is the fourth largest lake in Switzerland. The lake located in central Switzerland, surrounded by green foliage and mountain breeze. The famous sonata made by Beethoven gets the “Moonlight” name from a music critic Ludwig Rellstab. He compares the moonlight reflection in Lake Lucerne with this sonata.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @iviagens

5. Appenzell

Appenzell is an old town historic village in northeastern Switzerland. The town is a rolling countryside with green hills and rocky Alpstein region. Many old buildings here are from the 16th century such as the Town Hall and Parish Church of St. Mauritius. You could see a unique colorful house and a blast of old architecture by walking through the hauptgasse street.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @michael.h.w.backes

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