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5 Wondrous Places You Need to Visit in Iran!

Hi Buzzers! Have you visited Iran? Well, unlike our imagination about how middle east should look like with its desert and dry climate, Iran proved to be enjoyable! Just like any other country, this country has hidden gems you should not missed out and places which will make you go Wow!! Here is the Top 5 you need to see in Iran!

1. Masal , Talesh Mountain

Masal is in west Iran and located in Talesh Mountain. Masal is a very beautiful landscape with green scenery, cold climate, and splendid waterfalls. It also has the biggest cave in Masal called Avisho. If you like ecotourism, you will enjoy traveling to Masal, it’s surely a lost heaven in Iran!

Masal , Talesh Mountain
Masal , Talesh Mountain

2. The National Jewelry Treasury

The National Jewelry Treasury is located in  Ferdowsi Avenue, Tehran. The museum has widely collections of crowns, world’s largest pink diamond, jewels from all over the world and even from Savafid Empire. If you like arts and want to get an insight you should visit here!

The National Jewelry Treasury
The National Jewelry Treasury

3. Mashad city

Mashad is the second largest city in Iran. Mashad also the important transit city along the silk route during the ancient times. It also called as the holy city of Iran since it has the tomb and shrine of Islam’s 8th Shia Imam, Imam Reza. It’s also home of Saffron, the world most expensive spices.

Mashad city

4. The archaeological site of Takht-e Soleyman

Takht-e-Soleyman located in Northwestern Iran. It also known as Azar Goshnasp which has meaning as “The Fire of Warrior Kings”. The temple host three great fires which worshipped by the Sasanid Empire over 2,500 years ago and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


5. Watermills Shustar

Shustar is located in Khuzestan County, Southwest Iran. This is an example of city-fortress which build upon a cliff with a view of Karun river. Watermills in Shustar is one of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Iran. The water mills was built in 5th century AD, in the era of Darius the Great. Not only that, it is also an example of masterpiece of human creative genius since the hydraulic system allowed the development of multiple water in a vast territory such as irrigation, fish breeding, mills, defence mechanism etc.

Watermills shustar, iran

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