6 Forgotten Cities in Africa Now a UNESCO World Heritage Sites

1. Chartage

Chartage was a city ruin in Tunisia. It was founded by Queen Dido she bought the amount of land and built Chartage empire. The empire then becomes a threat to the Roman empire. The Romans declared wars with Carthage and called as the Punic Wars. This ancient city was declined and destroyed by the Romans in the third Punic Wars in 146 BC.

2. Dougga

The city of Dougga is located in Northern Tunisia. It stands in 65 hectares of land which full of archaeological relics. The history before this city conquered by the Romans is very limited. This city is quite well known after the Romans conquered it and give “civitas” (indigenous city) status to the city. This city got a liberty from the Romans and assimilate Roman’s religion and culture.  But, it fell into a stupor from 4th century AD.

3. Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is near lake mutirkwe and town of Masvingo. It was an area of  Kingdom of Zimbabwe, a royal palace and also a center of political power. The town laid on a 7.22 square kilometers of land and a house for almost 18,000 people. The town became ruins because it was built without a mortar, a dry stone. This made the city collapsed and abandoned.

4. Leptis Magna

This city is located in Koms, Libya. The city was founded by the Berber and Punic in the second half of the century. Leptis Magna became a prominent city of Roman Africa and a major trading station by the reign of Tiberius, The Roman emperor. The city started to decline because of the attack of the Berber. By the c 647, the city mostly abandoned and only 1,000 people stay. The city then was forgotten and left in the 10th century.

5. Memphis Egypt

Memphis is believed to be built by the Pharaoh Menes. It was built in a strategic position at the mouth of the Nile Delta. Because of this strategic position, Memphis is the center of commerce, trade, and religion. They worshipped the God of Ptah who put Memphis in His protection. The decline of this city was because of Memphis lost its economic power and the rise of coastal of Alexandria.

6. Timgad Algeria

Timgad or also called Thamugadi was a city discovered by the emperor of Trajan in AD 100. The location was 35 km east of the city of Batna. It was used as a fortress to tackle the attack from Berber in nearby Aures Mountain. The population inhabited this city mostly Romans and Parthians. The Romans gave the soldiers land in Timgad in a favor for years of service. This city is an example of the military camp made by Romans and rich in culture from different historical stages. At the end of the 5th  century Timgad was shattered by Montagnards of the Aures.

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