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6 Tasty Street Food You Must Try in 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!

Hi Buzzers! Tourist and football fans are flooding in Russia in this 2018 FIFA World Cup. Are you the ones that happens to be in Russia too? Probably you are not sure what food should take in those street merchants. Well, we will answer your tummy needs and your curiosity!! Here is 6 street food worth to try while you are in Russia!!

1. Kolobok

Kolobok is a delight shaped like a round ball and usually made from flour and water. There is a special kolobok you eat that is made from potatoes with a filling of Vladimir goose. You could find this kolobok as a street food or go to Ulei restaurant to get the special kolobok.


2. Grechka Chips

Even though the name is chips but this chips don’t contain any potatoes. Grechka chips is made from buckwheat porridge or in Russia called “Grechka” and seasoned with black salt. This is a healthy substitute you can find to replace potato chips! You could find grechka chips sold in the street since its quite common.

Grechka chips

3. Echpochmak

Echpochmak also means triangle. The shape of also resembles a triangle with a hole in the middle. The hole is there so you can pour broth in the middle. Echpochmak usually is filled with lamb, onion, potato, and spices. If you are in Kazan, you can try this dish that is sold everywhere.


4. Pyskhi

This street food is one of my favorites!! I really love it so much because pyskhi or also called ponchiki is actually a donut!! Brings back the memories when I was a child this donut is fried and has sweet sugary powder on top!! Such a simple yet tasty can find Pyskhi in every corner in Russia.


5. Peperechi

Peperechi is a cupcakes with cabbage, onions, meat, forest mushroom, and omelette filling. This is probably equal as sandwich but in Russian way! You could taste peperechi at Emeliny Pechi bakery in Moscow.


6. Chudu

Chudu is a thin pie with herb cheese or potato cheese filling. You could enjoy this thin pie at street stand, Dagenstanskaya lavka in Moscow.


Photo: Ekaterina Morgunova, Oleg Zhirov, Dmitri Kuoratsevich / Gastronomic Map of Russia.


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