6 Weirdest Monkeys in the World

Nature is never failed to amaze us. Lots of information keep collected every day because of the grand biodiversity in nature. For you not to miss out, these are the weirdest primates we can see for REAL !! So, how many of you familiar with this primates, Buzzers?

1. Bald Uakari

The bald Uakari looks like a person who holds their anger or someone who took sunbathing too much. It’s because their face has a natural crimson color. The bald Uakari live in wooded habitats in the western Amazon of Brazil and Peru.

Credit: Photo by Giovani Mari

2. Emperor Tamarind

The emperor Tamarind apparently named “emperor” because of its resemblance to the German Emperor Wilhelm II (is it because the mustache they had ?? ). As you can see these monkeys have an astonishing white mustache which becomes special traits for them. They live in East Peru, northern Bolivia and the West Brazilian States of Acre and Amazonas.

Credit: Photo by Brocken Inaglory

3. Common Marmoset

They live on the northeastern coast of Brazil. Most of the common marmosets are monogamous. The unique thing about them is the white ear tufts which they use also as nonverbal communication for example to display submission they flatten their ear tufts close to their head.

Credit: Photo by

4. Red-Shanked Douc

These beautiful monkeys with color gradation in its fur from greyish, black, and red, are found in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos. They have long feet and amazingly athletic since they can leap a distance of six meters from branch to branch. They are also vegetarian and able to swim.

Credit: Photo by

5. Cotton Top Tamarind

Cotton Top Tamarind or Saguinus Oedipus is a small monkey weighing only less than 0.5 kg. They can found in a Tropical forest in Northwestern Colombia. They are the one with white cotton hair from its forehead to its shoulder. The hair looks like Einstein from the jungle :). I wonder if they can teach me chemistry.

Credit: Photo by

6. Mandrill

Mandrill has a predicate as the most colorful mammal in the world according to Charles Darwin. Previously classified as baboons, now Mandrill has their own genus called Mandrillus. They live in rainforest especially Southern Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, and Equatorial Guinea.

Credit: Photo by

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