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7 Amazing Origins of Country Names

Ever wonder how Countries get its name? Where the name “America” comes from and why it is used as a country name..Well Buzzers, you can find out below! Enjoy!

1. Venezuela

Venezuela gets its name because the Spanish expeditions saw the houses built over water and thought it looks like Venice.

Caracas, Venezuela
Venezuela Flag

2. The Solomon island

The Solomon island gets its name because of the Spanish explorer Alvaro de Mendana de Neira who said he found the King Solomon’s gold in the island.

The Solomon Island
The Solomon Island Flag

3. Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa and quite well-known for its white beaches. This country name has a meaning as “Lion Mountains”. The name was given by the Portuguese who heard a roaring sound similar as Lions. The sound itself is actually a thunder in the hills above free town.

The Sierra Leone
The Sierra Leone Flag

4. Singapore

Singapore has a meaning “Lion City” even though there are no Lions in Singapore. The legend said the Sumatran prince, Sang Nila Utama, went to Singapore for hunting. There he found a creature he thought was a lion.

Singapore Merlin
Singapore Flag

5. Nauru

Nauru is a tiny island country which best-known for its palm tree, white sandy beaches, and coral reef. This country located in Northeast of Australia. Nauru is simplification from the indigenous, “anáoero”. The meaning of the word itself is “I go to the beach” hmm…interesting.

Nauru Island
Nauru Flag

6. Mexico

Mexico has its name from the simplification of an Aztec town. The town called Metztlixihtlico by the indigenous people. The Spanish called it Mexico.

Mexico city
Mexico Flag

7. United States of America

Finally the riddle is answered. Where America get its America name? Well, apparently an Italian explorer named Amerigo Vespucci had his name to be the name of the continent after he realized the continent they went into in 1400s was not India. German Cartographer, Martin Waldseemüller also suggested this name as he stated in 1507 referring to south America – “from the discoverer Amerigo…as if it were the America land or America”

Washington DC
American Flag

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