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7 Best Free Apps to Make Your Kids A Tech Savvy!!

1. Codeable Craft

Codeable Craft is used by kids to make a simple animated story. The themes in this app are general so kids can use their imaginations freely. This app is a start in teaching kids programming especially for kids in K-3 grades.

Code App
Code App

2. is code tutorials delivered to kids learning coding concept in a physical world. It means you can learn how to code even without a computer cool is that Buzzer?! You could find this real-world experience in App lab, Web Lab, and Play Lab. These three labs make your kids able to design, share apps, websites, and games. is like a group learner that involve discussion and independent practice. That’s why this app is great if you have children around K-12 grades.


3. Scratch

Scratch can be used for children of all ages. It helps children to understand and remember coding basics with cute characters of printable cards. It has project galleries and forums too that can be used to support students, parents, and teachers.


4. Wonder for Dash & Dots Robots

This is a challenging app which will make kids grade 3-5 enthusiastic. They can make a robotic programming. They will describe a narration of these cute robots is completing. The program can be saved in this app but it can’t be saved as an individual user. So, the other user or children can edit the program that has been saved.


5. Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab offers kids an amazing way to build playable 3D video games without writing a code. It is easy with fun and visual logic that will catch the kids’ attention. The coding logic is simple with a  graphic based programming.

Android application

6. is best for children grade 6-12. The app gives a complete introduction to concept and methods of Android app programming. After the children learn and build their own Android apps, they can run it on their phone or tablet in a few minutes.

Programming application
Programming application

7. Made with Code

Who said Girls can’t code Buzzer?? Well thanks to this app, now the girls can code in a convenient way. This app introduces teen girls to a visual-based coding. The app also has an inspiring video and access to the online community. After finished few projects, they can also apply their skills in another coding platform such as scratch.

Free Application

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