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7 Best Work Out Apps You Need To Install Right Now!

1. 8Fit Work Out and Meal Planners

What so interesting from this app is the workout only takes around 20 minutes. The app also combines work out with a meal plans! We all know nutrition takes an important role in build your muscles, so this app is worth to try!

2. JEFIT Work Out Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

If you don’t like to do work out all alone and choose to be on the gym then you need this app!! The JEFIT will help you to plan your exercise and be more focus on your goal!

3. 7 Minutes Work Out

7 minutes Work Out will help you build the abs you like and toned arms in only 7 minutes!! Well, I know you don’t believe me but prove it yourself with their exercise plan. This app makes us believe that if you dedicate all yourself 7 minutes do make a difference!!

4. Runtastic Running App and Fitness Tracker

This app is excellent for jogging, marathon, biking, and walking. You can’t  get bored while you run because this app has a feature called power song. Power song is integrated music player that will help you boost your mood for your next work out goals!!

5. Home Workout

Home work out is the best app if you are type of person that doesn’t like the hassle of going to the gym! As its name, this app will help you get a fit body with toned muscles only by staying at home! You only need to move your body with moves like jumping jacks, plank, side bridges and other moves designed by experts!

6. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

This app is designed for people who is goal oriented and willing to see the result within 30 days! The app has a video which will show you how the exercise can be done! This app also claimed that the exercise plans are designed by fitness coach. It also scientifically proven to help improve fitness and health.

7. Lose Weight in 30 days

If you want to be focus in losing weight more than toned your muscles then this is a perfect app for you. This app combine simple exercise with diet meals for 30 days! You surely will get sexier by the end of the month!!

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