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7 Enchanting Places for Your Tropical Summer Retreats

1. Ik Kil Cenote, Mexico

Cenote ik kil is located 2 km from Chichen Itza. This beautiful hidden pools has 45.72 meters depth. It’s one of the 3000 freshwater pools in Mexico which quite popular and crowded around tourist. You can go there 10 am in the morning to feel this magical pool for yourself.

Ik kil Cenote, Mexico

2. Islas Marietas, Mexico

Islas Marietas or the Island of Marieta is inhabited islands near Nayarit, Mexico. You need an hour boat road to go here from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The main attraction here is a hidden beach or Playa del Amor. When you look at this hidden beach, it has a gaping hole surrounded by greens. The rumors said the gaping holes that we see now caused by the bombings.

Marietas Island, hidden beach Mexico

3. The Narrow Blanco, Texas

If you are in Texas, love to hike and summer bloody hot then why not try to swim in this Texas hidden swimming holes? It called the narrow since the appearance it gets from the gorge above. You also will get a unique experience since this narrow seemed like a deep well.

The Narrows Texas

4. Blue Moon Valley, China

Blue Moon Valley is located 30 kilometers from the ancient Lijiang town. The famous river here called bashui river has a beautiful azure color flowing through the terraced waterfall. Even though not 100 % natural it’s still breathtaking to see this crescent terraces.

Blue Moon Valley, China

5. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes is the first thing you need to visit while you are in Croatia. The beauty of these lakes with its waterfall has granted a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979. Plitvice lakes have a source of water from 16 lakes which formed an amazing turquoise water and rich for its fauna too. You surely will go awww after seeing this natural beauty.

Plitvice lakes, Croatia

6. Asik-Asik Falls, Philippines

If you want to see a remarkable waterfall but going to Croatia is too fancy for you and you want to explore the beauty of nature on a tight budget then the Philippines has the answer. Asik Asik is a numerous waterfall founded in 2010 and became a famous tourist attraction since then. The name asik asik has a meaning sprinkle sprinkle..what a cute name for this marvelous beauty. It is located in the nearby village of Siti Dulao. The waterfall itself surrounded by lush green forest that will surely captivate your eyes.

Asik asik waterfall, Philippine

7. Hamersley Gorge, Australia

Hamersley Gorge located in Karijini National Park in Australia. The stunning and most photogenic gorge also known as spa pool. The rock surrounded this gorge has a beautiful natural colors. The shade range from blueish, violet, white and red.

Hamersley Gorge, Australia

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