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7 Fancy Shopping Places in Uruguay to Find Souvenirs!

1. Mercados De Los Artesanos

This market has various options of things, from handcrafted goods to wine glasses. The market’s handcrafted goods are from local Uruguayan artists that is unique because each has different styles.

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2. La pasionaria, universe creativo

If you don’t have much time to decide whether you should go shopping or fulfill your stomach then I recommend you to go to this place! It’s a restaurant, gift shops, art gallery and books store all in one place!! They have outstanding fish and soups but if you are a vegetarian no need to worry since this place serve vegetarian food too. While you wait your lunch to be ready why not read a book, or looking at the beautiful merine wool to take home. This place sometimes also have arts and book that is on sale!!

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3. Tristan Narvaja Street Market

This street market is a must to visit specially if you have a low cash since you can always bargain..yeay!! In Tristan Narvaja Street Market that is located in Montevideo you can find antique mirrors, secondhand books, pile of clothes on sale and houseware! Not too forget to buy some groceries too.

4. Lanas de Soriano

If you want to get beautiful and natural handmade wool then lanas de soriano is your place to go. The high quality wool in beautiful color is a worth saving for your chilly winter nights. The shop is located in the city of Mercedes in Uruguay.

Lanas de Soriano

5. Ayuidiscos

Handcrafted goods are not your thing? Well, You should look for ayuidiscos then! This is a music store that is specializing in Uruguayan music from Uruguayan artist. The small store located in the center of Montevideo, you can find lots of genre from poetry, rock, pop, jazz, tango and even music for your children! Who knows you can find your hidden gems here. It is always good to find the culture, excitement, and enjoyment hidden in  music of your destination country.


6. Cabo Polonio Hippie Shops

Cabo polonio is like no other! It is a hidden luxury for travelers and backpackers. If you enjoy nature while buying some mesmerizing beautiful jewelry or colorful fabric and clothes then you choose the perfect destinations! The stores and houses  are very colorful with the beach in front of you! There is also horses to take you enjoy sightseeing.

Cabo Polonio Hippie Shops

7. Mercado del Puerto

Sometimes the best souvenirs is not a thing but a memory and a full stomach! If culinary is your intentions then Mercado del Puerto is worth a visit! You will be amazed to see mouthwatering meats and seafood is grilled on the parillas. Probably you can make a video on how to grill meat Uruguayan way so you can practice it at home and serve it for your housemates! If you are a kitchen klutz maybe buy the sauce or jewelry after feeding your appetite sounds like a good idea too.

Mercado del Puerto

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