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7 Ghost Towns Around The World You should Visit !!

Hi, Buzzers!! Do you know that there is lots of uninhabited town in the world? It’s quite weird in the time people need homes but this town with a complete structure just being left like that. Many reasons why the town is being abandoned, it could be because of natural disaster, the war, pollution and also economic failure. So Buzzers, here are the 7 ghost town you should see at least once in your life to learn how complex our civilization is.

1. Pomona

Pomona is a ghost town in Namibia. This town previously was a diamond mining town. The diamonds were so plentiful and can be picked up with bare hands in 1910. The town abandoned because of the world war I which ended all mining activities in the town.

Ghost Town in Namibia

2. Kolmanskop

Kolmanskop located 850 km southwest of Windhoek, capital of Namibia. The town also created because of the diamond boom. The world war I brought the town in decline in the early 30s.

Ghost Town in Namibia

3. Danushkodi

Danushkodi is the ghost town at the southeastern tip of Pamban Island of the state of Tamil Nadu in India. This town is near the beach which is the only land border dividing India and Sri Lanka. Danushkodi was declared as a town that unfit for living after 1,800 people died in the cyclonic storm on 22 December 1964.

Ghost Town in India

4. Bannack

Bannack is a ghost town in Beaverhead County, Montana. The town was built in 1862 and was the site of gold discovery in 1862. But, the gold mining didn’t give hope as the local expected and they began to leave the town. In 1970’s the last resident had abandoned the town.

Ghost town in Montana

5. Craco

Craco is a town in southern Italy that is uninhabited. Craco has a dramatic landscape with its old castle, church, and plaza. The population in Craco was 2,590 in 1561. The population decreased in 1656 when a plague hit Craco. Several famine, landslides, and earthquake in 1950 affected the town. In 1963, 1,800 residents forced to leave the town. The town is also popular in a movie Quantum of Solace.

Ghost town in Italy

6. Kłomino

This town is located in northwestern Poland and the only official ghost town in Poland. The town was a base of the Soviet army but after the collapse of Soviet Union, Russia pulled out from the town. Since then, The Polish officials tried to sell the town but no one want it. It remained as a ghost town even though it has only 5 people inhabit the town today.

Ghost Town in Poland

7. Tyneham

Tyneham is a small village located in Dorset, England. The residents of the town was forced to leave when the government took over for a military training in 1943. They promised to give back the town later after the war is over even though it was not happened until now.

Ghost Town in England

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