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7 Hidden Facts in Japan's Fushimi Inari Shrine that You Miss

Hi, Buzzers !! how many of you have visited Japan? Have you gone to Inari Shrine in Kyoto? If you had visited Japan and gone to this temple..well lucky for you. But, probably you haven’t known these hidden facts in the temple. 

As every ancient temple, Inari Temple has its own story and charm. One of those is the cute fox statues all over the temple.. you must be thinking that the Japanese worship a Fox. Is that true? Well here’s 7 facts about Inari Temple that you probably missed out…

1. This Shrine belongs to Inari Okami, a deity who gives prosperity, bountiful harvest and safety.

2. The shrine itself is named  Inari after the Japanese ” ine ga narimashita ” meaning “the rice has grown” according to the remains of Yamashirokoku Fudoki, an ancient report on provincial culture.

3. The color of the shrine is Vermillion red because this color is believed as a protection against evil forces. It also an expression of bountiful harvest that Inari Okami gives to the people.

4. There are 10,000 gateways or Torii in this shrine. It’s not only an architectural design but it symbolizes a wish for the “passing” of prayers from people to the deity.

5. The foxes statues (and It’s lots !!) you find here is not Inari Okami or the deity they worship. The Fox is only a messenger of the deity, and it’s not an ordinary fox we see every day but it’s a byakkosan.

6. If you happen to visit Inari Shrine this April, they have a ceremony called sangyo-sai. This ceremony is a grateful expression for the success in business and economic prosperity.

7. You can also read your fortunes here. If you have a good fortune you can take it home with you but if you don’t like your reading you can tie it to the shrine for a protection of what might happen in your life.


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