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7 Lovely Travel Gems You Should Visit in Spain

1. Cies Islands

White sands, crystal water, spectacular lagoon and greeny trees? Welcome to Cies Island in Galicia. The beauty of this island is very famous even the Romans said Cies islands as the islands of Gods. You can get there by ferry from Vigo, Cangas, and Baiona. For daily trips the ferry is available from June to September.

Cies Islands

2. Playa de los cocedores de San Juan de los Terreros

Famous for its golden sands, this playa de Los cocedores has beautiful bays, virgin beach and also a place for you who love geology. In this beach you can find fossils or checking out the caves where formerly inhabited by people who cooked esparto. You can also chill out here while taste the best tapas and iced Tinto de Veranos (red wine and lemonade) at idyllic chiringuito, or small bar. Great for kayaking and diving too.

Playa de los cocedores de San Juan de los Terreros

3. Playa de Monsul

One of Spain hidden Gem is playa de monsul in Andalusia. This beach is famous because it has been in Indiana Jones movie. These beach has unique driftwood in the middle and has amazing rock formations, plus clear water where you can see the fish swimming under the surface!

Playa de Monsul

4. Girona

Girona is located only 40 minutes by train in City center. You will enjoy your secret little escape in Girona after all that hassle you experienced in Barcelona. Girona is a beautiful medieval old town that make you feel like you are in the Game of Thrones! The famous sightseeing here besides it’s medieval old street are the beautiful red metal Eiffel bridge and Cathedral at the center of Forca Vella. Note: The Eiffel bridge is designed by Gustave Eiffel before he built Eiffel tower in Paris! 


5. Valladolid

Valandolid is a heaven for you who love architecture from 1900s century. If you visit this town there are several places as a must see! There are Colegio de San Gregoria, Saint Paul Church, National Sculpture Museum, and Cathedral.


6. Guadix

Guadix nestled to a foothills and it’s a must if you want to explore sierra Nevada mountains. You can discover this old fashioned town with a cave district which made you feel like the flintstones!


7. Juzcar Smurf Village

Juzcar is Spain’s smurf village that is located 113 km from the city of Malaga. It was white but painted blue as part of the campaign to promote Smurf movie! The village was chosen as smurf village because it is a paradise of mycology lovers. Every autumn the village famous for various fungi and smurfs are craving for mushrooms! So Buzzers if you are a Smurf and love mushrooms that much you should go to this village and enjoy!

Juzcar Smurf Village

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