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7 Most Artistry Subways in Sweden that will Highlight Your Instagram!

1. Tekniska hogskolan

Tekniska hogskolan is a metro station located in the district of Ostermalm. The metro station was built in 1973 to help students and professor go to their classes.  The art was made by Lennart Mork and representing of Plato’s five elements: water, fire, air, earth, and ether. Besides that you can also find Newton’s three laws of motion, da Vinci  attempt on flying machine and many more. It’s a combination of art and science. Superb!

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2. Solna Centrum

Solna centum is located 5 km from central Stockholm. Solna Centrum metro station first opened in 1975. The art on the wall with red and green colors is depicting nature. The red is the sun and the green one resembles a forest. The art was made by Karl Olov Bjork and Anders Aberg. The artists brought up the 70’s environmental issue in Sweden. The issues were about logging of the forest also depopulation of the rural areas.

Solna Centrum Sweden
Solna Centrum Sweden

3. Stadion

Stadion is a metro station located in Ostermalms. It was Stockholm first cave station that was built in 1973. The cave was painted with bright blue sky and rainbow which avoided passengers correlate this station as an underworld. The art also as a reminder to the people that there is the sky above us. The art was made by Ake Pallarp and Enno Hallek which also resembles Sweden’s sports history.

Stadion Station Sweden

4. Citybanan-Odenplan

Citybanan station is located in odenplan. It is remarkable and romantic for couples. The lighting comes from 400 meters LED. The person behind this magnificent art is David Svensson. The LED is not only for lighting but he created the shape of lights which resembles the heartbeat of his son on the CTG monitor during childbirth.

Citybanan station Sweden–odenplan/

5. Kungstradgarden

This station is also known as King’s garden and located in Normalm. As its name the station is one of the oldest public park in stockholm. If you love history coming here is a wonderful idea since between 1643 and 1825 Makalos palace and French garden was built here. The art is heavy with red, white and green colors as a resemblance of the old French formal garden.

Kungstradgarden Sweden

6. Morby Centrum

This station is unique because it’s not only just a beautiful painting. The artwork is made from tiles and the walls can changing colors depends on where do you stand. Yes!! It’s combine art with optical illusion!! You will see the wall is white and pink, but from the other room it is white and grayish green. The artists behind this magnificent illusion are Gosta Wessel and Karin Ek.

Morby Centrum Sweden
Morby Centrum Sweden

7. Thorildspan

Thorildspan Metro station located in the Kristineberg, Central Stockholm. The station is already 66 years because it was built in 1952. The station is unique as if it comes out from Mario Bross game. The pixelated artworks was made by Lars Arrhenius in 2008.

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Thorildspan Metro station Sweden…0….0.0…….0.E3yYzPDL8ic#imagekey=!1e10!2sAF1QipNcbDmGkApnoEqcVvaZ2C3hsH5CDkXqKbLdlhjz&lkt=LocalPoiPhotos&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:15563647101730978514,rc_q:Thorildsplan,ru_q:Thorildsplan&viewerState=lb

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