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7 Most Beautiful Nature You Will Find Only in Turkey

1. Kackar Mountains

Kackar mountains is a mountain range that rises above the black sea coast in Turkey. Kackar mountains is beautiful with its diverse wild flowers and lush green valleys that will make you relax.

Kackar Mountains

2. Mount Chimaera

In Mount Chimaera is believed to be the origin of the monster Chimera. There is an area called Yanartas, the area has gases emerge from the rock and creates eternal flames.

Mount Chimaera

3. Manyas Birds Paradise

Manyas is indeed a birds paradise because the lake filled with geese, bozbakkal, swans and others. The national park is located in Marmara region, Balikesir.

Manyas Birds Paradise

4. Igneada floodplain forest

Igneada located in Kirkakeli province in Marmara Region, Turkey. The oak forest has many different tones. The best time to visit the forest is in Autumn.

Igneada floodplain forest

5. Acarlar floodplain forest

Acarlar floodplain forest is located Sakarya province, Turkey. You can see the beautiful lagoon, dunes, and amazing flora and fauna.

Acarlar floodplain forest

6. Kursunlu Waterfall

Kursunlu waterfall is a beautiful place where the water from seven ponds fell from 18 metres height. The beautiful green nature give an additional beauty to this place.

Kursunlu Waterfall

7. Horma Canyon

Turkey is home of canyons! Many you can find here that will spice up your adrenaline adventure. Horma canyon itself is located in Pinarbasi, Kastamonu. This is one of the favorite in Turkey.

Horma Canyon

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