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7 Most Mysterious Places on Earth!!

Hi Buzzers!! There are lots of unexplained things happen in the world. From UFO to missing person or civilization, we must aware that our earth has secret awaited to be revealed. So Buzzers, despite its haunted story, here is 7 most mysterious places on earth which you probably should dare to visit!!

1. Sailing Stones, Death Valley

Sailing stones is a phenomenon located in Death Valley, California. The stone moves itself and creates a track without any human help. Even though no one has ever seen the stones moving, but this phenomenon happens continuously. Until now it’s still a mystery.

Sailing Stones, Death Valley

2. Eternal Flames, Orchard Park-New York

Eternal flames is burning behind a tiny waterfall in Orchard park in New York. It gives a mysterious feeling about this place. It is also believed that the flames coming from methane gas escapes from the place.

Eternal Flames, Orchard Park-New York

3. The Banff Spring Hotel, Canada

In Canada there is a hotel with a mysterious yet scary background. This hotel is a home for ghost stories in Canada. In room 873, there is a massive cold-blooded killing to the whole family. There is also a story about the doormen who will appear and suddenly vanished.

The Banff Spring Hotel, Canada

4. Crooked Forest , Poland

In Poland there is a forest which trees are crooked. The trunk of the trees were bent over 90 degrees as if there is evil force staying in the forest.

Crooked Forest , Poland

5. Bennington Triangle, Soutwestern Vermont

Bennington triangle is a place where weird and mysterious things occurred in Vermont. It is also a famous place for the shadows people as well as UFO sightings, strange lights, and missing people.

Bennington Triangle, Soutwestern Vermont

6. Footsteps of Jack the Ripper,London

In London, there is a narrow lanes in White Chapel that is recognized as the footsteps of Jack the ripper. In 18th century, Jack the Ripper killing his victims in a foggy London. You can follow the lanes and places where the victims was found. The identity of Jack the ripper itself still a mystery. Well, just hope you won’t find him there.

Footsteps of Jack the Ripper,London

7. Bhangarh Fort, India

In Bhangart Fort, there is a story of a wizard who offer a love potion to the cursed princess. But, the plan didn’t work out and he died. Before he died, he cursed all the inhabitants of Bhangarh. It was then haunted, locals still believe that the curse is still active. That’s why no one can enter Bangarh after the dark.

Bhangarh Fort, India

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