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7 Strange Myth That Occurs When It's Blood Moon

Hi Buzzers, Prepare yourself to see the magnificent phenomenon Super Blood Moon on 27th July 2018. Different from a solar eclipse, super blood moon can be seen with a naked eye! It also can be viewed from every part of the world. But Buzzers, do you know that there is several myths surrounded a blood moon? To know more here’s 7 myth that occurs when it’s blood moon..

1. When it’s blood moon, some people believed it is a perfect time to unleash the beast in you on bed! Blood moon is believed to give you a passionate energy and more appetite in lust..

2. The Incans believed that blood moon is a result from a Jaguar that tried to eat the moon. They believed after the Jaguar succeeded in eating the moon, It will come down and eat all the animals on earth.

3. The Chinese has a tradition to ring the bells to prevent a dragon from eating the moon.

4. The Satanist believed that during blood moon there is more astral energies which can use to summon the devil. They also perform an animal sacrifices during blood moon.

5. The Mesopotamians believed that the moon is being attacked by seven demons. They also believed that what happens in the sky will also happen in their kingdom. The King will be attacked and killed. In an effort to protect their King, they will ask someone pretending as a King. If the eclipse over, they will kill the King’s substitute with poison.

6. In Romania, the Varcolaci is a beast that looks like a normal person but with a pale skin and habit to avoid direct sunlight. Varcolac is a Vampire or Werewolf that cause the moon turns red. The moon turns red after a Varcolac ate it.

7. A sign of Apocalypse. John Hagee, a Pastor, wrote a book called, “Four Blood Moons: Something is about to change”. He believed that these four blood moons as a sign of apocalypse described in revelation.

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