7 Tech Innovations in 2018 that Will Change the Future!

1. AI powered Robot Microscope

These Robotic cameras are developed and powered with AI by IBM. The purpose is to collect the data from microscopic plankton about the level of chemical pollution in water to the water temperature. The data then analyzed to give real time insights so we can have the right solution in cleaning the water. Through this innovation IBM hope we can tackle water shortage which can affect the world’s population in 2025.

 AI powered Robot Microscope

2. 3D Colored X Rays

Colored X rays is a breakthrough made by a company called Mars bioimaging. This New Zealand company can give image of bone and flesh translucent and hyperreal. The color itself appears because the company use a sensor that can detect wavelengths of X rays passing through different substances. The innovation could be helpful for a medical research.

3D Colored X Rays

3. Quantum Computing will be in the real world

For you who interested in Computer Engineering, quantum computing is predicted to be hype in the next 5 years according to IBM. The purpose of it is a practical tool in use solving problems in many industries. For example the use of it in Quantum chemistry, a simulation of chemical bonds that can be simulated very directly with quantum computer.

Quantum Computing

4. A Babel Fish Earbud

Babel Fish Earbud is your personal translator that you can carry anywhere! The purpose of this innovation is to minimize language barriers and excel  communication. The app will translate the talking and you can play it aloud on the phone. The obstacle is only the background noises that sometimes appears and make the app don’t recognize the language.

Babel Fish Earbud

5. 3 D Metal Printing

Can’t wait for your car’s replacement part? Then this innovation could be a solution. 3D metal printing can print  a metal object whenever it needed. Besides the fastest process, this technology also has another advantage! The advantage from this technology is it gives a lighter, stronger, and complex shapes which can not do by using conventional metal fabrication.

3 D Metal Printing

6. Sensing City

Sensing city called Quayside is a project of smart city that will be build in Toronto in 2019. The neighborhood will have sensors  that gathers data from air quality to peoples activities, robot will roam underground delivering mails, and also other high-tech activities will be in this town. The concept of smart cities bring a hope of an urban areas which are livable,  affordable, and environmental friendly.

Sensing City

7. Biohybrid Robots

What makes a Robot half human? Well, probably biohybrid Robot is the answer since it use human tissue or any living cells to make it more lifelike. You must be wonder why a living cells is necessary as it can damage so easy like scars for example. Apparently, a living cells such as muscles cells will make the robots’ movements more subtle. If they have a fine movement then they can be more task-friendly. For example cracking an egg cleanly or caressing a distressed individual will be on their list.

Biohybrid Robots

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