8 Things You Should Avoid with Your Doctor

1. Lying

You could lie about anything but not about your medical records, lifestyle or symptoms just so you could get the drugs you want.

2. Using your Phone

I know you probably have a major project you need to handle asap, but please do it outside your doctor’s office. We all hate someone who don’t pay attention when we try to put them as a priority, and that’s also what your doctor feels.

3. Yelling or Mocking the doctors or the health staff

We know you are worried about the pain that happens to you or what illness you might have but yelling or mocking your doctor or health staff won’t make it any better. If you are unsatisfied, you can file a  complaint by writing a letter or meet the hospital manager.

4. Flirting!

It’s weird but some doctors said they encounter this kind of situation lol. Well, flirt with your doctor is not a good idea since it may affect the examination.

5. Listing Your Symptoms!

Well, it’s good to list your symptoms but it will be more helpful to tell your doctor the story in chronological order. For example ” I always woke up in the morning at 6 am and go jogging for 2 hours, then I feel sudden chest pain and short of breath in the way home” is better than just tell your doctor “Chest pain, fatigue, short of breath”.

6. Expecting your Doctor know everything

Sometimes some diseases are very rare until it hasn’t studied yet, or have the same symptoms as other hundred illnesses. That’s why when you need to keep seeing your doctor for further check, tests or examinations you need to do it for yourself. I know it sounds frustrating for you but be patient.

7. Taking another supplements or medicine without consulting with your doctor

This could be dangerous for you because you don’t know the chemical reactions safe or not and how it affects your body. How many of us just taking the supplements just because our close ones say it will help us? We did it without even reading the scientific report or contraindication. Mostly the supplements or drugs is said to be natural or herbal and hasn’t approved by FDA yet.

8. Too shy or afraid to be judged

You should keep in mind that the doctor priority is to safe your life. So, you don’t need to be afraid or shy since we don’t judge. It probably will help you in a long run for example if you have had unplanned pregnancy, unsafe and sexually active.

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