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8 Travel Tips You Need to Pay Attention When You're in Prague !!

Hi Buzzers! Prague is a perfect destination for its history and also architecture. If you visit Prague for the first time then you should read this 8 travel tips to make your vacation more enjoyable…

1. If you plan to go to a restaurant and want to show your gratitude to the waiters, it is more polite to hand the tip to the waiters than leaving it on the table. Also, if you are in a nicer restaurant 10 – 15 % tips is acceptable while in ordinary restaurant you can give around 10-20 crowns.

2. Liquors is abundant in Prague and it has high quality beers too. But, if you like have a different experience then you need to go to Melnik Castle. In Melnik Castle you can taste 11 kinds of best wines.

3. If you plan to roaming around the city with public transport, you will need a ticket. The ticket can be bought in large hotels, metro stations, and newspaper stand (trafika). Once you have it you need to validate your tickets before using it. If you are traveling with a ticket that hasn’t been validated you will get a fine around 29 USD.

4. Usually toilets in Prague marked with a universal male and female body symbol. But, if you are confused to look for a toilet, Men is “muži” and women is “ženy“.

5. If you feel you are in danger or need an emergency assistance while you are in Prague, we know that it is confusing to give an exact address in a foreign country. At this time you need to refer to  6 digit number posted at eye level at every lamppost in Prague. The codes will help the authority to pinpoint your location.

6. Always check the fare per km if you need to pick up a taxi in the street. This is to avoid the highly inflated price or you can use Uber and local service, Liftago.!1e10!2sAF1QipNg73RfOWMTH2cFBGVyvWHkKIcKONp2STqVDxk&viewerState=ga

7. Since Prague is pretty windy and the city center are mostly cobbledstone then make sure you use layers of clothing and wear a comfortable shoes!! Definitely high heels is a big No-No except you want your smooth feet be full of blisters! Ouch!!

8. Prague is not a hidden gems anymore. A lot of tourists visit the city and Prague is quite crowded in the middle of the day and during high season. If you don’t like being in a crowd then better to visit the touristy places early in the morning or in the late at night.

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