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8 Weirdest Animals Live on Earth !!

1. Proboscis Monkey (Bekantan), When everybody goes for a Nose Job but you has it naturally and Flaunt it.


2. Dong Tao Chicken, When your dedication in every leg days pays off.

Credit: Dong Tao chicken,

3. Elephant Shark, When you’re tired of people mistaken you with somebody else.

Credit: Elephant shark, photo by:elvin Aitken

4. Deer Pig, When you can’t decide if you’re a Deer or a pig so you choose to be both.

Credit: Smithsonian Channel

5. Tonkin Snub-Nosed Monkey, When you’re makeup game is so strong.

Credit: Photo by Le Khac Quyet

6. Penis Snake, When you have that Sex appeals everyone’s talking about.

Credit: Photo by Matt Roper

7.  A Seal mating with a Penguin, A prove that Love is Blind.


8. Cat feel unsatisfied with a Gravitational theory so he chooses to prove it himself.


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