8 Witty Willie Gifts Ideas For Your Boyfriend!!

Hi Buzzers! Are you excited to get a kiss on  25th of August? It’s a Kiss and Make Up Day! To make this day more wonderful why not give something hardly to forget! Here’s the 10 witty gifts that can burst a laugh in your date!

1. Ice Cream Men’s Thong

Humm ice cream..does it remind you of something?

Penis Gift Ideas

2. A Willie Ring

What is better than this? If you haven’t ring his finger, you could ring his dick lol.

Penis Gift Ideas

3. Sexy Apron

If your boyfriend is a chef, he must be shocked with this!

Penis Gift Ideas

4. Ballsack T-Shirt you will make every girls runaway from him!

Penis Gift Ideas

5. Penis Cupcake

That ain’t a date without a cake or some desserts!! Why don’t you surprise him with this cute cupcake?

Penis Gift Ideas

6. Willie Plushie

He get a lot of stress at work? Willie plushie will help!

Penis Gift Ideas

7. Willie Crown Hat

The only way to give him the “Ego” he thinks he deserves!

Penis Gift Ideas

8. A Willie Beanie

Another way of saying “I love Yours”

Penis Gift Ideas

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