Amazing Wonderful Statues


1. Georgia’s two moving statues in Georgia, USA

This statue has been an eye candy for the Georgian and travellers. A unique concept of two giant statues which will “meet” and become “one” every day at 7 pm. The sunset during that time gives the chill feelings for the audience, moreover if you know the story behind this statue. Apparently, the sculptor, Tamara Kvesitadze,  was inspired by a novel “Ali and Nino” written by Kurban Said. The Novel itself tells a  love story between Ali Khan Shirvanshir who was a descendant of a noble Muslim family and Christian Georgian Princess, Nino Kipiani. Even though both from different cultures and values but they accept and respect both values but the problem comes from a betrayal of Ali’s friend, Melik Nachararyan, who is a Christian Armenian. Melik then kidnapped Nino who will become Ali’s bride. The love they have for each other is tested by vengeance, ideological decision, and political revolution.  Credit: Photo by YouTube Jake Tupman

2. Ben Gurions statue in Tel Aviv, Israel

Even though this statue looks funny, but this is a statue of David Ben-Gurion Israel’s first prime minister. Despite being a leader and executive head of the World Zionist Organization, likes to do a yoga or an exercise in front of his house or at the beach. This photo is taken by a photographer, Paul Goldman in 1957 when Ben Gurion did a handstand. Then this iconic moment immortalized into a statue we see today. The statue itself was made by the German company Artilink Productions and was placed by the company Zebra Sets.  Credit: Photo by

3. In Family Circle aka Melissa Walks in Provo City Temple, Utah – USA

The sculptor behind this statue is Dennis Smith. He has an obligation to make a statue for the church as a tribute to womanhood in Nauvoo in September of 1976. Keith and Teri Wilson is a husband and wife who just got their baby girl named Melissa. The sculptor asked them if they were willing to be his model. He said to Keith and Teri that when Melissa in the age to be able to walk, she can be a model too. On January 10th Melissa acting strange and her parents bring her to a doctor. The doctor diagnosed Melissa with Cerebral Palsy, it means Melissa would never be able to walk. Her parents feel devastated, the sculptor also needs a girl who can walk to complete the statue and Melissa couldn’t help. At first, Dennis wanted to name the statue as “Melissa Walks” but it will be an irony. In April, after the statue of Melissa parents had finished, he approached the family again. Melissa then used body braces to hold her head up and after Melissa’s statue finished, the title changed into “in Family Circle”.   Credit/ Photo by

4. Zhuhai Fisher Girl in China

Zhuhai is a very beautiful town in China even a goddess fall in love with the beauty of the town and chooses to stay as a Fisher Girl. The goddess enjoys her role as a Fisher Girl such as finding pearls and weaving nets. She loved by everyone since she used her power to help ill villagers. But, everything changed when she fell in love with a young fisherman, Hai Peng. When Hai Peng saw the girl, he also fell in love with her beauty. But their love is tested when Hai Peng heard a malicious accusation about his girlfriend. Hai Peng then tell the girl to give him the magical bracelet as a proof of her affection. The Fisher Girl then explained if she removed the bracelet she would die. Hai Peng didn’t want to hear her excuse and still wanted the bracelet to be removed. In front of Hai Peng, she removed her bracelet and died in his arms.     Credit/Photo by

5. Tugu Pancoran or Dirgantara Statue in Indonesia

This statue is about 11 meters high and a resemblance to a traditional legendary Wayang called Gatot Koco. As it resemblance, this statue shows a man who flies in the sky. Local said this statue is made to welcome everyone who just arrived in Jakarta. When the construction stopped because the economy and political problems, the 1st president of Indonesia, Soekarno sold his car and gave his own money to continue the making of this statue. On 21st of June, the maker, Edhi Sunarso was on top of the statue and saw the cortege of the hearse. His worker told him that the president had passed away. He went down in a rush to follow the hearse. That’s why until now the statue had never been inaugurated. Credit: Flickr @abdulazis

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