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    Top 25 Beautiful Winter Getaways with Friends or Solo. Bucket List

    Here are some of the best ideas for winter getaways with friends from holiday escapes to ski trips to great destinations for snow.. …with the same emphasis on cross-country skiing, winter walking and alpine skiing on the quiet side of the mountain week-long snow holidays. … in Switzerland, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Norway, Icelan. Snow train in Switzerland Snow train Russia North Pakistan Swiss Alps Polo […] More

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    Is Birds & Animals more Romantic than Human’s

    Winter is approaching in some parts of world and our romantic bugs may lightin up bit. Our species is known for its displays of affection, whether it’s through hot air balloon ride proposals, or a simple act of handholding. However, romance is abundant in the animal kingdom as well. So, putting ourselves aside for a while, let’s look at the seven most romantic animals and […] More

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    Top Whirling Dervishes Performance at Shab-e-Arus aka Wedding Night

    The observance of the anniversary of a sufi saint is called (in Arabic), `urs, which means “wedding,” because the saint is believed to have attained “union” (or utmost nearness together with other saints and the prophets) with God, the Only Beloved. In Turkey, the night of Rumi’s `urs is called Sheb-i Arus or “Wedding Night” (the correct Persian would be “Shab-é `Arûsî,”.. Thousands of people […] More

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    Top Hilarious Funny Christmas Memes

    ENJOY to the world! With Top Christmas memes. Hopefully by now you have picked up the gift for your loved ones and said yes to office christmas party. Spin on the floor, with lot of Turkey snd Booze l. While we’ve spent and sip on some eggnog and enjoy this list of Top , 20 Hilarious Funny Christmas Memes. More

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    Beautiful eye catching colouring to help mind to relax physically and mentally

    The colouring-in books for adults craze has calmed down somewhat since the becoming the new ‘hot thing’ a few years ago. But now the fad is over, many people are still carrying on colouring – finding that it helps with mindfulness, and helping their desire to mentally and physically relax. Colouring with new Tech and touch screen leading to new craze especially in young college […] More

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    The Funniest Formula 1 / F1 Moments Ever in history, You must see


    1 has always been a serious sport with arch rivalries between teams and drivers a like. Everyone likes to remain on their toes and hence the atmosphere is always very chilling and rather serious.   But  It’s not all grim always in the world of F1 after all. Here, we check out some of the funniest F1 moments in the sport’s history. FThe Funniest Moments Of 2018 So Far … there have been many […] More

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    35 Strange Beautiful Creature You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

    Most of us don’t grasp the variety of pretty, cute animal’s, creatures, sea creatures, birds, species that inhabit the Earth today, and some even get surprised as they find out there’s an such creature they haven’t heard of before. We have compiled a list of such creatures for you to enjoy. More

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    Top 30+ Mugs you Should hold Proudly for Morning Coffee and Tea

    Start your day off right! Hold proudly, Express yourself silently, Sip from one of many Funny coffee mugs, travel mugs and teacups, wine glasses, Jars … List of our funny, hilarious collection of mugs.                                          More

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    Top 20 + Royal Wedding Kisses, Weddings Pictures and Special Royal Moments in history

    Royal Weddings are celebrated all around the world.  Though we all love to see the bride’s wedding clothes the best moment everyone waits at royal weddings is the groom’s first kiss. We will look at sweet and excited royal wedding pictures and kisses from Diana, Charles, Meghan, Harry Jack and Eugenie.  Which royal couples kissed at their weddings? KISS THE GIRL.  Enjoy buzzer’s The wedding […] More

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