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    Top Must Visit Tourist Places in Pakistan

    1. Hunza Valley With its breathtaking weather, Hunza valley offers you 9 other beautiful places to have your feet on. Rakaposhi is the first centre of attraction with its enchanting beauty and curvy cliffs. Then comes Karimabad, Famous for its diversity of culture and welcoming people, Karmiabad has become one of the ‘Hot’ places to visit. One cannot miss it for the world if one […] More

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    Funny and Hilarious Pictures of Royal Wedding


    Funny and Hilarious Pictures of Royal Wedding. On Monday 27 November 2017 The Prince of Wales announced the engagement of his son Prince Harry to Ms. Meghan Markle. The service begin at St George’s Chapel at midday and will be conducted by the Dean of Windsor, The Rt Revd. David Conner. The Most Revd. and Rt Hon. Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, will officiate as the couple […] More

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    Interesting Facts about Germany

    1. College education in Germany is free even for internationals Students Credit : 2. Prison escape is not punishable by law in Germany  In Mexico, Germany, Austria the law recognizes that it is basic human nature to escape and hence the act of escaping itself is not a crime.   Credit: 3. Germany is one of the world’s largest car producers and EU largest […] More

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    Impressive Internet of Things (IOT) Inventions

    1. Smarter Streets The smart technology is important, as it can improve the quality of life for everyone, and enable more people to live and work in the same area, with less of the pain that would normally be involved. TFL (Traffic for London) is using detection technology builds on the existing “SCOOT” (“Split Cycle Offset Optimisation Technique”) system that manages traffic light priority for […] More

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    The Cool and Practical Products of the 21st Century

    1. THINX This product address the social, cultural, economic, and environmental issues of our time, it is unique to find product design at the intersection of all these issues. I believe period-proof underwear by Thinx is one of those designs. Image Courtesy THINX (Miki and Radha Agrawal, and Antonia Dunbar) 2. The Ocean Cleanup ArrayThe Ocean Cleanup Array addressing major issues such as cleaning up […] More