Bajo Tribe : A Story of Great Divers

Your favorite sport is diving? Then you should know this ancient tribe who make diving as their heartbeat. They are the Bajo People or Sama-Bajo tribe. They are also labeled as sea-gypsies or sea-nomads because they make the sea as their home. They live in a hut floating in the sea.

Credit : Photo by Instagram @like_touna

Breathing the ocean breeze, sounds of the wave, or even Stormare something they adore. The sea is their lives, no wonders that the circumstances giving the Bajau people extraordinary skill in diving. They can dive up to 20 meters in minutes with only one breath.

Credit : Photo by Instagram @wakatobidivetrip

This raised a question of whether their body has adapted to such changes and the answer is Yes !! Freediving gives them a bigger lung capacity and ability to see underwater twice clearly than the normal people.

Credit : Photo by Instagram @totaltripindonesia

The Bajau people work as fisherman or sailors, during freediving they catch fish, squid, or octopus with a traditional spear. They actually could be an Olympic swimmer or divers but they can’t be separated from the sea and always feel homesick for the Ocean. Besides, fame or possession is not what makes them happy.The sea is their only reason.

Credit : Photo by Instagram @anggy_anindita

If you visit the Bajau tribe in Sulawesi, Indonesia, you will find their women using a white powder all over their face. It’s not some tribe rituals or tribe ranks but the powder is “Barra pica” a facemask to protect their face from the sunburn. It was made from powder rice, cinnamon, nutmeg and several other ingredients.

Credit : Photo by Instagram @jalanesia

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