Butterflies: 5 Extinct Butterflies in the World

1. Urania Sloanus

Urania Sloanus is gorgeous and spectacular with it was black with iridescent red, blue, and green markings. It’s actually a moth when mostly moth active at night Urania Sloanus active in daylight. Its vibrant colors are a warning for its toxicity. Urania Sloanus is extinct because they lose their habitat. During the colonial era, Jamaica’s lowland rainforests were cleared and converted to agricultural land.

Credit: Photo by Instagram @butterflybabegallery

2. Libythea Cinyras

Libythea Cinyras is endemic to Mauritius. This butterfly is definitely extinct because of human interference such as rapid population, extensive of the rapid growing plantation and large-scale crops in Africa right now.

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3. Morant’s Blue

Morant’s Blue or known also as Lepidochrysops hypopolia was endemic to South Africa. The species was named after Walter Morant who caught 2 male specimens in KwaZulu-Natal on 21 September 1870. It’s extinct probably because they have lost their habitats. Unfortunately, there’s no record of Illustration or photo available for this butterfly.

4. Mbashe River Buff

This butterfly is endemic to the densely forested Mbhashe River area of the Eastern Cape, South Africa. It is now extinct because of loss of habitat and limited sources of plants as their food. Mbashe River Buff that had ever been collected is only three specimens by Colonel James Henry Bowker. It is now in National History Museum in London.

Credit: Photo by

5. Battus Polydamas antiques

This butterfly only is known by an illustration from British ecologist Dru Drury in 1770. It was endemic to Antigua. The ground color of the forewings and hindwings is black. The upper side of the forewings consists of a row of light green spots. The upper four spots are small. The sixth one is the biggest. The row of spots on the hindwing is narrower.

Credit: illustration by Dru Drury (1725-1804)

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