Buzzers, These Are Top 7 Toilet Papers That Shocked The World!!

Hi Buzzers!! Lots of things in this world can shock us, but have you ever imagined that toilet paper can be the biggest thing ever?? Well even though toilet paper is something that “soo ordinary”, it creates events that shocked the world! Do you want to know what are they?? Just scroll down below!

1. Edelweiss, toilet paper for Nazi!!

Edelweiss toilet paper became a popular talk in 2016 when it was said to be used by the Nazy army. It was sold in an auction for 120 euros. If you by accident found this tissue sold in antique store don’t be too excited first because lots of ” fake edelweiss” brand out there claimed to be the original ones.

2. Toilet paper that following Mr. President??

Probably this is the most recent one and quickly spread in the internet as news or memes. President Trump had this little embarrassing accident when a toilet paper stuck on one of his shoe before he boards Air Force One! Probably that toilet paper begged Mr. President to give it a US. Citizenship…who knows!

3. Toilet paper wedding dress contest!

Toilet paper…a sad thing that has no use other than clean your private part then got thrown away after we feel satisfied? Well, think again Buzzers!! In the capable hands, toilet papers can be the most beautiful thing that you will wear in your wedding! Toilet paper wedding dress contest with cheap chic weddings and quilted northern has shocked everyone with the amazing design of wedding dresses made from toilet papers!

4. The scariest toilet paper!

What is the scariest toilet paper? The answer you can get in Japan! The writer of horror novel “The Ring”, Koji Suzuki, has a breakthrough in using toilet paper as a replacement for a book! He printed the entire horror novel called “Drop” on toilet paper rolls! I think could be a good substitution for you who love to bring your phone in the Loo. You also can get the English version of the novel here :

5. Will you reuse toilet papers?

When talking about global warming and toilet papers, it’s kind of connected…but will you put your health in danger to prevent global warming? Hmm…tough question. But, apparently there is some number of people who seems doesn’t mind! The proof is when we found posh cloth, a brand of reusable toilet paper. Problem happens when you store it for too long with your laundry items or even wash it without bleach, all the germs will spread easily!

6. Toilet paper from 22 karats gold?!

Being rich makes some people has no minimum standard for anything! Is that a smart move or not..hmm inner happiness is the most important lol. Just like this Australian company, the Toilet Paper Man,  who made toilet paper from 22 karats gold!! The buyer also happily  bought it for 1,376,900 dollars!!

7. Barack Obama toilet paper!!

The competition between countries is  never disappeared and this cafe in eastern Siberia need to give a highlight to that matters! The cafe is showing high patriotism to Russian President, Vladimir Putin. While his rival, Barack Obama’s picture was printed on the toilet paper roll. Since now the US president has changed, will they change the print too?—complete-with-barack-ob/amp/

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