Can You Spot On these TOP 20 Celebrities' With Make Up Fail?

Buzzers, sometimes we wonder how it feels to be rich and famous just like a  celebrity! We thought everything is going to be perfect, we can get that fancy dress with flawless make up which put “Glamour” as our middle name! But, These Top 20 celebrities prove the otherwise. Are they not given enough preparation? Or just choosing a wrong make up artist? Here is Top 20 Celebrities with make up fail!

1. Angelina Jolie’s Dagger Eyebrows.

2. JLO “bare” lips make her lips un-kissable.

3. Pamela Andersons’ over plucking eyebrows…A thin line from expectation vs reality.

4. Selena Gomez all wrong in her make up, nude lips plus oily skin or just too much tans?? Definitely unappealing!

5. Christina’s aguilera even more in disaster as people think she got her period. Did you see a thin dark water in between her legs? That’s a fake tan which didn’t get enough time to set & dry!

6. Britney’s seemed to forget to draw her eyebrows…her eyebrows has lots of gaps and look mildly vanished.

7. Jessie J’s Lilac lips…God please help!!

8. Noomi Rapace’s make up looks like she just came back from the kitchen after played with flour and baked some cakes!

9. Jennifer Aniston looks like she metamorphoses into a drag queen…

10. How to know you choose the wrong shades for your skin? Just look at Kylie Jenner.

11. Evalongoria should know that we still need to blend the concealer.

12. Elle Fanning Looks like she just cried and her eyeliner is the cheap ones as it is not waterproof.

13. Elle Fanning and a bright neon yellow as eyeshadows?? Her eyes is not pop out and only make it smaller..

14. Kelly Osborne foundation is too yellow to be true!!

15. Paris Hilton wants to look all natural but….eerrrr….her make up is the big fail thin eyebrow, dark eyeshadow make her eyes looks smaller yet the nude lips just a no go for this picture.

16. Victoria Beckham’s eyeshadow and hair do, make her looks older and scary.×410-367×410.jpg
17. Scarlet’s Johansson mullet hair is a no no for a full make up with tomatoes’ cheek since the blush is just too much girl!×410-262×410.jpg

18. Uma thurman forgot to blend her make up..×410-1-628×410.jpg

19. Bleach eyebrow just something you shouldn’t do, Miley!! It will escaped in some of your pictures, leave you brow-less!!

20. Brooke Hogan’s get her make up inspiration from a Pumpkin indeed!! Orange dress with too bright orange lips, and too much orange blush is just too much!!

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