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    These Pictures Prove Everything in Life is Better With Dogs!


    Hi Buzzers, do you have pets at home?  Are you a Cat lover or Dog lovers? Well, to be honest Doggo is more like our best friend and not a cat. This is why everytime we come home, a dog will always ready to cheer us and wag their tails. So, Buzzers if you are not a dog person yet, maybe these top 15 pictures […] More

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    TOP 20 Images Shows Sleeping Cats Are Weirdos!

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    Buzzers, Cats are another “unexplained” living thing in the world after women! They seems to live by their own rule, but do their mystery and weirdness stop when they fell asleep? Of course Not! Cats are weirdos and they proud of it even when they are sleeping! Here is the top 20 images that will make us chuckle! 1. When your cat was a Monk […] More

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    TOP 10 Dancing Dogs Gurus Will Teach You Groovy Moves This Friday Night!

    Buzzers, have you ever feel awkward everytime your friends ask you to get down to the dance floor? You just afraid to make some dancing mistakes and everyone laugh at you. Well, no need to be afraid anymore! These top 10 dancing dogs gurus will share their secret and teach you how to dance like a pro!! 1. While paws in the air don’t forget […] More

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    Kawaii Japanese: TOP 10 Facts of Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels Will Melt Your Heart!!

    Buzzers, Japanese is a land of kawaii and also the animals in it!! Japan also give these kawaii animals a beautiful homes even islands!! As in bunny rabbit island and cat’s island, where more bunnies and cats than the people who live there. Sounds like a heaven? Well then don’t miss out this famous Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrels….the appearance of this squirrel exactly like come […] More

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    TOP 20 Coolest Photos of Animals In Their Natural Environment

    Buzzers, how animals live in the wild will fascinate us. In their natural habitat they have a complex interaction that will perform what we know as an intricate food pyramid! But their life is not only as a predators or preys, animals also will teach us about beauty, strength, and love! That is why we give you top 20 coolest photos that will make us […] More

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    35 Strange Beautiful Creature You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

    Most of us don’t grasp the variety of pretty, cute animal’s, creatures, sea creatures, birds, species that inhabit the Earth today, and some even get surprised as they find out there’s an such creature they haven’t heard of before. We have compiled a list of such creatures for you to enjoy. More

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    These TOP 15+ Hilarious Dogs Snapchat Will Entertain You!

    Hi Buzzers! Pet is a lovely cuddly little buddy!! Their face is so innocent even though most of the time we catch them to do something “weird” but cute!! These top 15+ dogs also do some of the weird stuff, and the snapchats that quote them are just hilariously entertaining!! So Buzzers, here is the Top 15+ lists!! #1. When you summon something from the […] More

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    Look For A Halloween Costume for Your Dog? These Top 10 Dogs Could Inspire You!

    Buzzers, Halloween will come soon! Have you ever prepared a Halloween costume for your dogs? If you haven’t, these top 10 dogs could be your inspiration!! They bring the spooky, fun and cool vibes on Halloween day! Let’s check this out! #1. A Zombie Husky. Will you run if you see him? #2. Two cute little casper… #3. This is how you should paint your […] More

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    These TOP 10 Cats are Crazy And Should Be in Asylum!!

    Buzzers, have you witnessed a strange actions from your cat lately? I have and it makes me reached into one conclusion! Cats are Crazy! But, we need them anyway since they are a fluffy cute serial killer…beware of your life! So, here ‘s their top 10 crazy photos which will make them go to the asylum. 1. Can’t you see I am doing Yoga?? 2. […] More

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    These 11 Dogs Have No Clue What They Are Doing With Their Life!

    Dogs are the greatest gift in life. Unlike Cats, dogs are most loyal, dedicated, discipline, active, and have lots of unconditional love for their owners!! But, sometimes there is time they forget how to dog and have no clue what they are doing with their life. Let’s take a look below! 1. “I told you to go to that vet and get vasectomy first, Carl! […] More

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    Meet Diesel : Top 10 Facts Instagram Supermodel With Fabulous Blonde Hair!!

    Hi Buzzers! Have you meet this Instagram supermodel @diesel_minnie ? He is a Yorkshire dog that have the most fabulous blonde hair..yes…even more fabulous than my ex lol. You will be amazed by how this dog posing in every photos; he is cool, fancy, photogenic, and he is everything you wish for! Get ready to be envy on his top 10 photos and facts below!! […] More

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    TOP 10 Cute and Weird Pose of Bald Cats Will Make You Aww

    1. This one looks like jellybean’s baby 2. How you look like when you wear that silly hat during Xmas 3. John Snow? is that you? 4. Sums up sugar daddy profile picture on Tinder 5. Breastfeeding is natural… 6. When you shave your beard clean 7. Beer belly on a cat! At least her skin is smooth! 8. When she said she needs to […] More

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