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    Best Photography Spots in Amsterdam


    Looking the best spots in Amsterdam?  Here are some spots recommend to upload in your Instagram: 1. Jordaan The Jordaan is possibly the most famous neighborhood in the Netherlands. Arguably Amsterdam’s most famous neighborhood, the area contains an upscale assortment of art galleries, patio restaurants, cafes, and street musicians. 2. Prinseneiland Neighborhood The hidden neighborhood […] More

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    This Toy Painter Insanely Creates Realistic Face of Superheroes!!

    Are you a fan of Superheroes figurine, Buzzers? Well then you need to have your collection made by Jin Cheol Hong. He is a CEO of Hot Toys Production and also a toy painter. His skill in painting superheroes faces is unquestionable. He creates every details on point! As a result, All of his works insanely […] More

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    These Top 10 World's Landmarks Are Stunning With Cut Outs!!

    Buzzers, paper is an ordinary thing but it has been a vital part of our life since ancient Egypt. During those time it was used for writing but then expand into origami, money printing and arts!! One artwork you need to check out is from this instagram photographer @paperboyo. He creates a totally different world […] More

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    TOP 7 Instragrammable Street Art in Hong Kong

    1. Hollywood Road Hollywood road is the most famous street art in Hongkong made by Alex Croft’s, a local graffiti artist. The mural of Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Chaplin and Audrey Hepburn surely brings you back to the golden age in Hollywood! 2. Chung Ching Street Chung ching street has an art of a […] More

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    TOP 8 Most Admirable Photos and Their Story

    Hi Buzzers, photography is not just an art but it is a tool to immortalize certain beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking moments. By making those moments eternal in photos, we can learn from the past, build a better future, and more appreciate little things in life. So, Buzzers here is the photographer from 2018 Sony World […] More

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    What is Going on in Short People's Daily Life?

    Hi Buzzers!! Are you tall or Short? If you are tall, you make me envy!! I am quite short and struggling in my daily activities! But not all bad, sometimes all the struggle can make me giggle too. These 8 comics by Instagram artist, Three Under The Rain, will give you a peep about what […] More

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    5 Oldest Tattoo Shops around The World!

    Hi Buzzers!! Since today is a #NationalTattooDay, Let’s check out these 7 oldest tattoo shop in the World! Probably you’ll get inspired.. 1. Razzouk in Jerusalem The tattoo parlour belongs to Anton Razzouk. His ancestors decided to stay at Jerusalem and open the business around 300 years ago. The most popular tattoo here are cross, […] More

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