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    These 7 Extraordinary College Major Are Guaranteed To Not Make You Bored!

    Hi Buzzers! Are you confuse which major you should take next year? Well, good news is science has evolved! Now, it’s not that boring anymore! How that possible? Well check our list below and give your  comment! 1. Memes Major Memes…We use it as a new way in joking with friends, being critical, send our ideas or views! There is lots of new memes per […] More

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    The Recommended Books that You Should Read in the Last Months of the Year 2018.

    Buzzers, we are at the end of months in 2018. We need something to give us powerfully for through the last months in this year. Looking back, maybe some experience changing moments maybe just start small thing. Things just on a list that you set in your mind. And many things came from books that you read to be more successful. Reading can open up […] More

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    Amsterdam Best Book Store For Spend Your Time

    1. The American Book Center (ABC), Amsterdam This was a wonderful spot to peruse an outstanding selection of books! Opened in 1972 ABC has been quirky, friendly and knowledgeable. The ABC is located in the heart of the city center and offers 3 floors full of English books. Opening Hours: Mon 12:00 – 20:00,Tue-Sat 10:00 – 20:00,Sun 11:00 – 18:30. 2. AKO  AKO is one […] More

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    Top Coolest Libraries

    When we think of cool, the library isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind. The library is for dorks and nerds. It’s where losers hang out. Oh well here the libraries not just cool but you can spend your time to explore the world.  If you love books, libraries are some of the most spectacular buildings in the world. Whether a library has […] More

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    Top Funny Weird Inventions

    Every day we all face some problems, yet no one comes up with a viable solution that could solve them. but some time one of the crazy inventions out there could actually prove to be useful with time, even if in the beginning they sound plain ridiculous? NO Words !!! Guess what is this?   Baby Shower Cap   Corner Frame   Foot Powered Bike   Ostrich Pillow […] More

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    7 Skills You Need to Have in College Besides Study!

    Buzzers, what do you think about college’s life? Some of you probably will be thinking about the dorm, college party, or a Summa Cum Laude you are willing to achieve. That is why college students sometimes too busy socializing or too busy studying. Well I must say both are not good for you, as a college student you should not focus only studying or socializing…but […] More

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    10 Superpowers You Don't Realize You Have in Your Body !!

    Buzzers do you realize that your body is so perfect and strong? Well apparently human body has been designed with superpowers!! It is probably not as the one you imagine but still it is quite marvelous…so here’s 10 superpowers you don’t realize you have in your body! 1. Your stomach acid can dissolve a Razor Blade! Sounds great right? You must be not believe it […] More

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    5 Child Prodigies that Can Blow Your Mind !

    Hi Buzzers!! Do you know what is a child prodigy? Child prodigy is a child under age of ten who has same skill and meaningful output with the same level as an adult expert performer. Here is 5 children who began their career in a very young age and considered as an expert because of their magical talent !! 1. Aelita Andre, The Magical Abstract […] More

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    Education: A Scarcity Felt by Impoverished Children

    Education, even though we all know how important it is but the source for education is limited. For us who lived in first world country, we can rely to at least technology such as free education websites to learn new skills. But, the impoverished children rarely get this access. For them, education is a luxury that is rare. In some countries, such as Somalia, north […] More

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    5 Amazing Books that Will Make Your Children Love Maths!!

    1. The Multiplication Tables Coloring Book This book will combine the things that they love with the thing they haven’t loved yet. Yes! Coloring and Maths! With coloring the children can have fun while the parents teach the children about their time tables. If you have children age 6 then this is their  first math book! 2. Maths On The Go Maths on the go […] More

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    How to Handle Tantrum in 7 Simple Steps!

    Hi Buzzers! Kids are not a stranger for a tantrum. In fact, most of us also do it somewhere in our childhood and it’s normal. Parents must understand that the reason kids throwing a tantrum is because they still developing their sense and feels. Sometimes, they don’t know how to ask something since they only have around 50 words and can’t link more than two […] More

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    Facts behind the Fantasies of the Night

    This world is like a roller coaster when we are dreaming. A dream is something that is really amazing, where we can see and experience something beyond reason, the wild and sometimes they can inspire. The actual dream is a mysterious phenomenon and one of the most interesting things that occur in humans. Here are some facts behind the fantasies of the night. 1. The […] More

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