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    Buzzers, Valentines day is only 4 days apart!! Have you get someone to celebrate it with you? For all the single ladies and gentlemen, you might think this is the worst time of your life!!! Only on this day, You will be forced to see people bringing flowers, gift, and making out in front of you…Yucks?! But well at least you still have your smart […] More

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    TOP 15 Bizarre yet Funny Things You Will See At Hartjesdagen Zeedijk Festival !!

    Buzzers, have ever go to Hartjesdagen Zeedijk festival in Amsterdam? If you haven’t gone there, your first visit would be full of bizarre yet funny things!! This festival is celebrated on third Monday of August and known as Day of Hearts! Previously it is a festival where children collected money and fires were kindled but now it becomes a cross-dressing festival. Like any other crossdressing […] More

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    TOP 15 Hilarious Street Wear You Should Never Ever Wear!!

    Buzzers, fashion now has become a statement to show to the world about who we are. Even so, some people either have an eccentric personality or they are just totally weird?  I meet some of them when I walk around the street. They call it a fashionable street wear….but I call it ” A bizarre yet confusing style”.  So Buzzers, here is top 15 hilarious […] More

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    Top 15 Funny Golf Memes That You Should Share At The Golf Course!!

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    Buzzers, golf is a sport which players hit one single small ball into series of holes. In the old times, golf is only for “gentlemen only and women forbidden”…don’t know if it’s correlated with balls and hole or something else lol. The first Woman who first played this game is Mary Queen of Scotts and finally around 20th century this sport is not exclusive for […] More

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    TOP 12 Funny Pictures When It's Frozen Outside You Don't Build A Snowman!

    Buzzers, the weather is going crazy nowadays but luckily people are still having fun!! Only now they don’t build a snowman anymore! They choose to froze their pants as a part of #frozenpantschallenge!! Here are the best top 10, so Buzzers have you froze your pants today? #1. Florida lose its warmth #2. The temperature go down low #3. Go ahead if you dare… #4.  […] More

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    TOP 20 Funniest Dad Text On Twitter You Should See!

    Buzzers, family is everything and they could be our source of fun too! Just like when our dad use his new phone and send his first text lol. Dad text always can make us laugh because of the absurdity yet loving gestures with a twist of that daddy jokes!! Here are the top 20 funniest dad text on twitter that you should see! #1. When […] More

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    Top 15 Funniest Brexit Signs That Will Tickle Your Fancy !!!

    Buzzers, people always find a creative yet funny words to express themselves and their dissatisfaction about politics and certain events such as Brexit! We still remember how the idea break the heart of the people of Britain. The anti Brexit campaign was held to rethink the decision. People go out in the streets to show how they love to remain in European Union with funniest […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures Prove Why Women Always Right And Live Longer Than Men!

    Buzzers! There will always be a debate between men and women. Both gender feel they are the most superior than the others. Little did they know that they are made to complete each other even though in some cases men can act “ridiculous”. Therefore it’s resulted in making women live longer than men! We curated top 20 funny pictures of men doing their business and […] More

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    Gotta Catch Them All Laugh With These Top 12 Funny Pokemon Memes!!


    Buzzers, who still love to play Pokemon Go? Yes, me too! Pokemon is a fantastic anime. It is booming in the United States since first broadcast in September 8, 1998. The success of this anime series bring Pokemon in many forms including Games, and movies! All the Pokemon lovers cannot wait the premiere of “Pokemon! Detective Pikachu” in May 2019! Well, until the movie is […] More

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    TOP 20 Funny Pictures That Will Crack You Up When You See It

    Buzzers, Sometimes if we look closer to our surrounding, we will find some surprising notes! Surely it will make us smile and laugh it out loud because the notes are usually full of absurdity. From suck b*tt to throat game while some other hidden in other people weird and stupid actions!! Here is the top 20 funny pictures that captured the funny moments around us […] More

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    TOP 10 Funny Gif Of Rhianna And Taylor Swift That You Should Save For Later Use!!

    Buzzers, We all know Rhianna or Bad girl Riri and Taylor Swift are great singers with a unique personality. Well, but their love life doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with their career success. But, they finally can prove to us and be an inspiration that no man no cry!! They stand up even more famous, prettier, and sexier!! Here is their top 10 […] More

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