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    Best Trekking in Cambodia That You Can’t Miss

    Cambodia is a land of ancient temples and convoluted jungle. It’s a land of wonders of many kinds that include the historical, as well as the botanical/zoological. It’s also a land that can be best served by trekking, for the intrepid adventure of a lifetime. Trekking is one of the best ways to fully immerse you in an entirely new corner of the globe. Kalai […] More

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    Top Romantic Hotels in the United States

    If you daydream of a vacation for two, where cuddle-worthy digs, dramatic backdrops, and romantic cottages offer you a chance to cozy up to a sizzling fire pit, you should know that you don’t need to travel to ends of the earth, as the United States boasts plenty of dreamy properties where you can rekindle your love. Booking a romantic getaway doesn’t have to mean […] More

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    Top 10 Royal Fashion You Must have in Your Wardrobe!

    Hi Buzzers, royalties are always be a spotlight everywhere they go! Their outfit is always sleek and stylish. But, many media out there try to compare the style of every royals members. Just like between Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) and Meghan Markle (Duchess of Sussex). Well, everybody has their own unique style.  Kate Middleton is more classic, preppy, and oxford look while Meghan is […] More

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    Travelers Do Not Miss Out! The Giants Will Invade Liverpool This October 2018

    Buzzers you must be have read the famous story Gulliver’s Travel. He traveled around the world and in his first voyage he stranded in a land of Lilliput after a shipwreck. Gulliver, the giant, then became a prisoner but freed after giving assurance of his good behaviors. Well, good news is you can experience this since in October Liverpool will be turned into a Lilliput […] More

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    What to Do in Turkey? Top 10 Things You Should Not Miss Out !!

    1. Watch the turtles at Iztuzu Beach Iztuzu beach is a popular tourist spot to watch the turtles!! The beach is 6 km long and a breeding ground for Caretta Caretta or Loggerhead Turtles. Loggerhead turtles is listed by IUCN as endangered species by visiting this beach you will learn about the life cycle of a turtle and also support the conservation. 2. Observe the […] More

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    7 Most Fantastic Swings You Need to Try in The World!!

    Hi Buzzers, do you love to swing? I love it so much! Swing is my favorite play time in childhood! I love how the wind breeze touch my face and blow my hair. I feel I can fly when my feet not touch the ground, even though only for a moment..but if I go to a park now, lots of adults will give a weird […] More

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    10 Deepest Facts of Baikal Lake for All Globetrotters!

    Hi Buzzers!! Baikan lake is one of the oldest lake in the world. This lake in Russia is worth a visit for all globe Trotter in the world!! You will find various natural and supernatural phenomenon which will make you in awe!! Check this out and keep it in your bucket list! 1. Lake Baikal in Southern Part of Russia is the World’s deepest and […] More

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    TOP 7 Most Stunning Bridges in Asia

    Hi Buzzers!! Asia has beautiful architectures including the bridges!! The new bridge in Da Nang Vietnam has Wowed the visitors..but there is more in Asia and here’s the Top 7 Stunning bridges! 1. Cau Vang (Golden Bridge) in Da Nang, Vietnam The bridge is stunning since it was built 1,400 above sea levels in the mountains of the Ba Na Hills. The bridge is supported […] More

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    TOP 10 Most Bizarre Marriage Laws Around The World!!

    Hi Buzzers!! If you want to get married while traveling probably you should be more careful since some country comes with unexpected marriage laws!! To know more about this marriage laws around the world, check this out.. 1. If you get married in Hong Kong, Your life could be like Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Your wife will be busy find a way to kill you […] More

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    8 Great Reasons on Why You Need To Visit Antarctica !

    Hi Buzzers!! What’s in your mind when you heard the word Antarctica?? Ice? Penguins? Titanic? Lol…Antarctica has more than that !! Check out this 8 reasons to know more … 1. Update your Physics lesson! You can experience a glowing Halo in Antarctica. This optical illusion is made by ice crystal and the Sun! You will feel as if you are in the other world! […] More

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    TOP 7 Dazzling Tourist Attractions in China

    Hi Buzzers!! China has more than palaces, It also offers unique attractions and diverse nature such as sand dunes and mountains! You will be amaze by the beauty of nature you will see here!! 1. Singing Sand Dunes The singing sand dunes is a unique tourist attraction in Dunhuang. If you slide on the sand it will create sound as if it was singing! You […] More

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