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    TOP 10 Funny Moment in Basketball Game Will Make Us Can't Stop Laughing!!

    Buzzers, Basketball game is a game that needs amazing physics and great strategy. The game can have lots of surprises too!! Most of them are funniest basketball moments that will make us laughing out loud just like these top 10 basketball moments below!!  #1. A kiss of rivalry #2. Somebody got to pee… #3. When you hate someone you better know where to hit… #4. […] More

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    The Funniest Formula 1 / F1 Moments Ever in history, You must see



    1 has always been a serious sport with arch rivalries between teams and drivers a like. Everyone likes to remain on their toes and hence the atmosphere is always very chilling and rather serious.   But  It’s not all grim always in the world of F1 after all. Here, we check out some of the funniest F1 moments in the sport’s history. FThe Funniest Moments Of 2018 So Far … there have been many […] More

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    Top 15 + Breathtaking Craziest Surfers Shot; Surfing on Massive Waves

    It’s breathtaking! Check out the insane .. Everyone can agree that everything related to surf is pretty cool. It’s fun to watch, they connect us to our surfing inspirations and it’s pretty nice to see people having fun at what they do best. You can see the delightful and adorable shots below this article, and we challenge you not to smile or say “ah” as […] More

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    7 Greatest Ski Resorts in The World!

    Hi Buzzers! Do you love ski? We have curated the world’s best resorts you need to visit this winter! Here is the list! 1. Zinal Grimentz, Switzerland The ski resort is a hidden charm in Switzerland. Zinal is above a valley and have a modern touch such as instant access to crowd free-slopes. Grimentz is more traditional with modest restaurants around. 2. Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy […] More

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    7 Best Work Out Apps You Need To Install Right Now!

    1. 8Fit Work Out and Meal Planners What so interesting from this app is the workout only takes around 20 minutes. The app also combines work out with a meal plans! We all know nutrition takes an important role in build your muscles, so this app is worth to try! 2. JEFIT Work Out Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App If you don’t like to […] More

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    10 Unforgettable Moments After France Won The 2018 World Cup !!

    Hi Buzzers!! Last night match still felt like a dream! France played so smooth and beat Croatia with 4-2 !! Spectacular! Too bad now World Cup is over and we should move on but here is 10 unforgettable photos to keep the sweet memories of the match in our hearts…Enjoy Buzzers! 1. Antoine Grizzman and Paul Pogba seems hasn’t believed the France team already won […] More

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    10 Moments of Happiness After Croatia Won Semifinals !

    World Cup is can not be predicted, after England leading 1-0 in the first 13 minutes but unfortunately they need to go home. Croatia won the game with a beautiful game ever played! England also all out in this game but probably it’s not their lucky year yet. Well buzzers, if you cherish Croatia last night, here is some images captured their most happy moments!! […] More

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    10 Excitement Before The Match England VS Croatia

    Hi Buzzers!! So excited for today’s game, who do you think will win? Well England already all out in the first 13 minutes. Score is 0-1, but the winner still hasn’t decided yet! Enjoy the game with some trivia from us!! 1. Girls Which is more exciting England’s win or Channing Tatum get naked? 2. Hope there is no war after this Lol 3. Chanting […] More

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    5 Most Stunning Cricketers in 2018

    1. Steven Smith He is a cricket player from Australia. Steven Smith is the 1st rank according to International Cricket Council (ICC). His test batting rating is 929 per June 2018. He is also presumed as the best batsmen in the world. 2. Virat Kohli He is a cricket player from India. Virat Kohli is the 2nd rank according to International Cricket Council (ICC). His […] More

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    6 World Cup's Stars Favorite Food That You Can Cook at Home!

    1. Milanesa Napolitana, Lionel Messi Messi’s mother revealed her son’s favorite food, It is Milanesa Napolitana. It also quite easy to make. The food more like a  schnitzel made from ham, beef, tomato, onion and more! 2. Bacalhau a Bras, Christiano Ronaldo Bacalhau a Bras is made from salted cod or also called bacalhau and shredded, then cooked with onions and chopped fried potato with […] More

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    10 Intriguing Facts about Christiano Ronaldo: The Most Humble and Great Football Player!

    Hi Buzzers! We all get fascinated by Christiano Ronaldo and wait for his action in World Cup. He did so well so far, we might be wondering lucky him to have all that stamina and fame. Humm even the finest ceramic should go through a hard process in order to be beautiful…and so as Christiano Ronaldo! Here is 10 facts that is mostly quite “down […] More

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