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    TOP 20 Funniest Absurd Signs You Will Find in London!

    Buzzers, We always get excited to explore a new city and get a new experience. But, what if we find something absurd yet amusing at the same time? Surely it will make us giggles! Just like when these travelers found an absurd yet hilarious sign in London! Here is the Top 20 you need to check out!! 1. Just STAHP!! 2. Who can relate? 3. […] More

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    TOP 30 Hilarious Things that Only Happen in Ireland!!

    Buzzers, Ireland is a country with beautiful nature and great adventure! But if you stay too long,  you probably get the weirdest experiences that only happens there! Your mind might thinking “woohoo okay….which part of the world that I live in again? Oh Ireland!!”. Well, but not all fact it’s quite exciting!! So Buzzers, here is top 30 things that only happen in Ireland! […] More

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    Top 20 + Royal Wedding Kisses, Weddings Pictures and Special Royal Moments in history

    Royal Weddings are celebrated all around the world.  Though we all love to see the bride’s wedding clothes the best moment everyone waits at royal weddings is the groom’s first kiss. We will look at sweet and excited royal wedding pictures and kisses from Diana, Charles, Meghan, Harry Jack and Eugenie.  Which royal couples kissed at their weddings? KISS THE GIRL.  Enjoy buzzer’s The wedding […] More

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    Top 10 Turkish Festivals to VISIT

    From opera and ballet to film, theater, and rock music, Turkey has so many festivals that every interest is quelled with one great event after the other. Turkey offers more than just a stunning landscape and fascinating culture. It is home to a wide variety of Turkey holidays and festivals, many of which have been introduced to help the country develop. Check out some of […] More

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    Top 10 Colombian Body Gestures And Some May Save You While Traveling!

    Buzzers, it’s very important to us to know a bit of language, culture, and custom when we are traveling! It will give you great advantage since you won’t feel as a stranger in different universe lol. It also may have saved you from thief or bored situation! Everybody is already familiar with some gestures from European country but what about Colombia in South America? This […] More

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    Top 20 Things Only Exist in America That Different From The Rest of The World!

      1. “Oh, really?”. Americans use this word to show interest but foreigners often take it as a person challenging his opinion. 2. “How are You?” as a Hello. Instead of hello or hi, Americans use this word to greet you and not really asking about how you really are doing. So, get your s**t together by yourself. 3. Lots of lawyers and Drugs advertisement […] More

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    Top 20 Things that Only Exist in Japan!!

    1. World’s Shortest Escalator Yes, Buzzers!! Japanese seems to break all the common rules lol even for an escalator! The world’s shortest escalator is in More’s Department Store and listed in The Guinness World of Book Record. It is 32.8 inches high with only 5 steps! 2. Ponshukan !! If you are Sake lovers surely ponshukan is a heaven for you! Japanese known for its […] More

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    10 Things You Should Prepare in The Netherlands!

    1. Netherland is not all Sunshine You should always expect rain to happens so prepare a fashionable rain coat or umbrella with you! Netherlands climate also quite cold during spring and beginning of summer so for you who doesn’t stand cold just like me better to have clothes with layers or always bring that warm jacket! 2. Take some euros and avoid Money Exchange Kiosk […] More

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    TOP 10 Weirdest Facts You Can Find only in Norway!

    1. You can find giant mirror in Rjuka The giant mirror is 450 meters high in a mountain above the town, Rjukan. Rjukan is a small town in Norway that is in shadow for three full months of the year. The purpose of this mirror is to reflect the sunlight to the small town Rjukan. 2. No Visa required in Svalbard Svalbard is an open […] More

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    TOP 10 Most Confusing Road Signs in the United States!

    Buzzers, have you ever noticed that sometimes we are passing through a confusing road sign in the United States? Well, here’s the top 10 and probably you cancel your driving course by the time you see it Lol! 1. In Washington DC they better put timer on each lane! What we thought: At a first glimpse we thought these lanes only open in the morning […] More

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    Japan Beauty Trend : 7 Facts and Ganguro Gals Before and After Make Up!

    Hi Buzzers!! For you who Love Japanese culture must be already know about Ganguro. Ganguro is a fashion trend with extreme make up such as a dark skin, colorful or blonde hair, stickers, highlighters, and rainbow glitter eyeshadows on the face. The ganguro itself started in the mid 1990 and became  statement and culture that break the common beauty rules in Japan as most Japanese […] More

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    Popular Global Cuisine, Food Dishes from around the World- Part 13

      1. Black Rye Bread, Estonia Black rye bread plays a major role in Estonian culture. There are tons of superstitions, traditions and old sayings about bread here. For example, you shouldn’t slice a new loaf in the evening or it will shrink, though this saying has become obsolete with the introduction of pre-sliced bread. Also, if you drop your slice of bread, you shouldn’t throw […] More

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