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    TOP 12 Comfy Style Of Jennifer Lawrence Shows She Ain't No Different From That Girl Next

    Buzzers, if you watched the hunger games you must be falling in love with Katniss Everdeen. Jennifer Lawrence plays her character beautifully as her innocence face with a strong character make this film even more unique. But, who knows in real life Jennifer Lawrence is as cool as Katniss. She is brave and never afraid to show her quirky side along with her comfy street […] More

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    TOP 10 Most Bold Style We Surprised To See In 2019 Golden Globe Awards!

    Buzzers, awards always have something surprising to see! In this event celebrities will wear their most beautiful gowns, some are bit unsure with their outfit choices, the others will try to look extravagant by almost topless or create a new disastrous  style. Luckily in 2019 celebrities seem to avoid going almost topless to the awards, only few still do that like Indya Moore. Well, 2019 […] More

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    These Are The TOP 20 Weirdest Lady Gaga Fashion Fails Throughout The Years!

    Buzzers, Lady Gaga Enigma Show rocks the Vegas with her futuristic alien dress. It was a wonderful and amazing performance at the Park Theater brought by Stefanni Joanne Angelina Germanotta or we all know as Lady Gaga. Her eccentric and weirdest side has been a public consumption throughout the years and she also not afraid to wear it everywhere at anytime! Just like when she […] More

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    Rita Ora Worst Ugliest Dresses Ever That We Hope to Stop in 2019!

    Buzzers everybody love Rita Ora when she sings. Her debuted album Ora even become a number one in UK. She also a philanthropist who involved in charity, and gave speech on 9 March 2016 about immigration and Syrian refugee crisis. She is no doubt a stunning lady and performer but like other celebrities she sometimes make a bad decision in Fashion. Well, we hope she […] More

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    These TOP 20 Men Slay in High Heels Better Than Your Woman!!

     Buzzers, women are always head over heels about shoes!! They fancy high heels a lot and seem to have a radar about high heels that is on SALE!! But, do you know that modern high heels were brought in the early of 17th century by emissaries of Shah Abbas I of Persia ?!  Heels also were worn by men to show their upper class status! […] More

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    This Crazy Asian Guy Hang Out With Top Celebrities and He Will Envy You!

    Buzzers, Some ordinary people befriended with famous celebrities? Some might say it maybe only happen one in a million! But, good news is in this era of technology, you don’t need to try so hard! Just like this crazy Asian Guy @faizsadad! His Instagram full of his picture partying with top class celebrities such as Selena homes, Bella hadid, gigi hadid, Rihanna, Justin Bieber and […] More

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    These TOP 10 Images Shows Celebrities Are Not That "Perfect" and It's Okay!

    Buzzers many of us are influenced by the perfect look of celebrities in magazines, red carpet, or Tv shows. As the result, boys and girls set their expectation of “beauty” too high even out of reach. Many young people are worried about fat in their belly, body shape, pimples, wrinkles, skin colors, and many more!  This is not healthy Buzzers, celebrities are human too like […] More

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    Can You Spot On these TOP 20 Celebrities' With Make Up Fail?

    Buzzers, sometimes we wonder how it feels to be rich and famous just like a  celebrity! We thought everything is going to be perfect, we can get that fancy dress with flawless make up which put “Glamour” as our middle name! But, These Top 20 celebrities prove the otherwise. Are they not given enough preparation? Or just choosing a wrong make up artist? Here is […] More

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    These Top 25 Photos From Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week Will Make You Wonder About Your Taste

    Buzzers, Just recently all fashionista has the fanciest event ever…It’s a Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Week. But, do you know that runway and fashion week could be the trickiest thing? Here’s Top 25 photos that will make you wonder!! 1. When A torn pants is called fashion.. 2. It’s Halloween and you decided to look like a Pumpkin. 3. This fashion called “Don’t touch me, […] More

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    Top Epic group pictures of Strictly Come Dancing , Top Moments

    Strictly Come Dancing (informally known as Strictly) is a British television dance contest, featuring celebrity contestants, with professional dance partners competing in a ballroom and Latin dance competition. Each couple is scored out of 10 by a panel of judges. The show has run on BBC One since 15 May 2004, primarily on Saturday evenings with a following Sunday night results show (with certain exceptions) and with its high viewing figures Strictly Come Dancing has become […] More

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    15 The Most Shocking Fashion Disasters of our time

    There’s a thin line between ‘avant-garde’ and ‘ridiculous costume’ however — and sometimes, even with a team of stylists and managers, celebrities still end up making a bad fashion decision. Are these the worst ever fashion disasters? From shell suits to peach meringue dresses, people reveal their most toe-curling style crimes.   Nothing Left To The Imagination   Pink Higlighter and Teacher Match   Let’s […] More