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    TOP 15 Weirdest Things You Actually Can Buy In Chinese Walmart

    Buzzers, Walmart has been around to supply our daily needs. This convenient store also expand to China. Even though you see less ridiculous people of Walmart like in US, but Walmart in China has something weird too. They sell some of the weird things, we even haven’t seen it before!!! So Buzzers, here is 15 weirdest things that you actually can buy in Chinese Walmart! […] More

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    TOP 10 Beautiful Cookies Inspiration For Your Wedding Day!!

    Buzzers, girls have their own dream wedding and they always want their wedding day to be special. Let’s be honest that wedding is not as simple as “I do” anymore but wedding is a reflection of the couple’s personality and dreams. That is why they take long time to decide the wedding dress, venue, and decorations! Not to forget also the food menu for the […] More

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    TOP 15 Weirdest Pizza That Will Make Italians Go Crazy!!

    Buzzers, what is your favorite pizza toppings? Most of us will say Ham, cheese, pepperoni and many more! In fact, People nowadays has a very creative way in spoiling their tongue and stomach. They are not afraid to try different taste even the most absurd ones!! But, Do you dare to try these 15 weirdest pizza toppings below? Or you have one as your favorite? […] More

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    Poor People Food From Around The World!

    Buzzers, food is our primary needs. A study said people who can consume foods three times a day is considered rich. What about you Buzzers? Are you the ones who struggle to fill up your stomach? Well, you are not alone, most people in the world also trying to survive with any foods they can find. Don’t worry it will not last forever, keep believing […] More

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    How To Make Simple yet Creative Healthy Snacks To Help Your Kids' Appetite!!

    Buzzers, kids are picky eaters and meals time sometimes can be a disaster for moms out there!! Well, take a deep breath,  put some creativity into your cooking, and watch the magic happens! Here we have curated some simple, tasty, yet healthy snacks with cute shapes that you can try at home Buzzers!! 1. AvoCatoes made by using sliced avocado, filled with creme fraiche with […] More

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    These TOP 25 Nastiest Food Will Make You Run For Your Life!!

    Buzzers, We all love foods!!There is even a saying to steal a Man’s heart, all you need is to serve a good food! This makes lots of girls trying so hard to impress their men by cooking a great food (according to them!!).But, what if this Lovey dovey foods didn’t turn out as expected??Will you still eat it?Or you just run away and safe your […] More

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    These Top 10 Most Beautiful Cakes Will Make You Regret For Eating It!


      Hi Buzzers!! Have you ever eaten a cake and felt regret right after the first bite? No, no..not because the cake is not “yummy”! But, the cake is just too beautiful to be torn apart in your mouth. Well, here we have curated the most beautiful cakes ever, that you will wish to put it into a frame and hang it on your wall! […] More

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    TOP 7 Popular Cakes Around The World And The Story Behind It

    Hi Buzzers!! Who doesn’t love cakes? Well, we all love it !! But, do you ever wondered the story behind some particular cakes? Apparently the history of cakes from around the world is quite amusing! From a British spy who loves cooking, a slave until a Queen who waited for a year only to eat cake and many more..Let’s find out below! 1. Birthday Cake […] More

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    Cozy up with 10 insprational drinks; you should try

    Although winter won’t be arriving for a couple of months, the cold weather is starting to creep in around here. As it starts to get colder, the best way to stay warm indoors is with a delicious drink. What better way to enjoy a lazy day than cuddled on the couch, book in one hand, warm mug of coffee or cocoa in the other? Here […] More

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    These TOP 15 Things About Food & Drinks Only Exist in America And Will Shock You!!

    1. Main Menu is called entree while entree is a French words for a “starter dish”. 2. Sweet bread and buns. In America their bread is too sweet for the rest of the world! 3. Hidden Love for Pickles. Pickles in almost everything! 4. Various choices in your sandwich. While the rest of the world sandwich is only salad, mayo, ham and sauce American can […] More

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    TOP 7 Cafes & Restaurants You Should Visit in Korea if You are a K-Pop Lovers!

    1. Hwanggane Kkomjanggun If you love to eat grilled eel plus a fans of CN Blue then this restaurant is a must  visit! The owner of this restaurant is Kang Min Hyuk’s father named Kang Cheol Mun. The place is decorated by presents from fans and for CN Blue fans they have a separated space in this restaurant…wow feels VIP yet?! Don’t forget to try […] More

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    This Nutrition Guru Share Her Simple Secret in Living a Healthy Life and You Can Do it Too !!

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    Buzzers, are you the one who tried to get fit and do dieting but don’t feel like you has succeeded? Well, Maybe you do it wrong! We all know that our body needs nutritions and starving yourself is not the key to get fit! This Instagram nutrition guru will help us to understand what’s our body needs…so take a look of her tips below and […] More

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