Congenital Neuroproliferative Vestibulodynia: The Terror Women Afraid To Talk About

A Topic about sexual health especially on women is rare and still considered taboo. Not so many scientific studies are conducted to know how women’s bodies work moreover if it’s about our sexual health. Even orgasm is still in grey areas..and believe me, porn is not your right source to understand it. Since every woman is different, it’s not only about sex or the different types of positions in sex.  Sometimes it’s about how we as a partner are connected and build the trust.


Men should understand even if he mastered 100 styles in “how to perform a good sex”, some women don’t get an orgasm and feel extraordinary pain during sex. The lack of information in this matters creates the iceberg principle. Most women also afraid to speak up and blame themselves since they feel shame and abnormal. The pain during sex could occur because of lots of things such as less vaginal lubrication and the worst is  Congenital Neuroproliferative Vestibulodynia or in short Vestibulodynia.

What is  Vestibulodynia?

It is a condition that you felt severe pain and discomfort in the vestibule vulva or opening of the vagina. This condition at first found by Edward Friedrich in 1987. The pain that women felt comes in a different range such as feeling pain when they inserted tampons, pain with a light touch, some even feeling like the skin getting cut with a knife. But, some women can able to tolerate penetration even though the feeling of discomfort or pain.


What Cause it?

The cause is still unknown. Some women reported that they get hypersensitivity or vestibulodynia after giving childbirth, the use of certain bubble baths along with antiseptic, or certain soaps. Some have vestibulodynia because of the number of nerves they have is multiple times more than normal women.


What is the treatment?

The treatment of vestibulodynia are:

1. Use local anesthetic gel which will numb the nerves and safe for regular use.

2. Vaginal dilators could be used if there is tension in the pelvic floor muscles. It will help to relax the muscles.

3. Take a tricyclic antidepressants tablets. The low dosage will help to treat the pain directly at the site of nerve ending of the skin.

4. Surgery to lift the skin on the surface of a Vagina. This treatment is needed if the pain is unbearable just like what Callista Wilston experienced. Dr. Andrew Goldstein did the surgery and free her from her pain for the first time.

5. Laser treatment. You can consult with your doctor if laser treatment available. It believe to be better since you don’t need to go through surgery, not too pricey and only take 10-15 minutes in every 5 weeks.



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