Could You Be At Risk for Anal Cancer? 10 Factors You Should Be Aware !

1. You have HPV

HPV-16 or Human Papilloma Virus is the cause anal cancer. If you have warts in your genital area and spread to your anal then better check to a doctor immediately. Some warts are also from different types of HPV which is not dangerous but better be safe!

2. You are a smoker

A smoker have a higher risk to develop anal cancer as same as any other diseases than the people who don’t smoke. The toxic substance in a cigarette is  weakens our immune system and make us prone to infections.

3. No Sex doesn’t mean you are free

Well, people tend to think if they don’t do sex then they are free from the risks,  Hmm..that is wrong. Hpv virus doesn’t need you to have penetration first, the virus can infect you by skin to skin contact with an infected area of the body. So, whether you just do it with only by hands,  you still at risk.

4. You have a lower immunity

Some people have lower immunity because of genetics, AIDS, diabetic, had organ transplants or just recover from illness are also at risk. When the immune system low, any virus including HPV virus can attack you easily.

5. You have a flourished sexual life

You always change partner and have no limitations. This increases the risk for HPV or HIV infection. If you have no limitations to your sex life including receiving anal sex, It could put you at a high risk of developing anal cancer!

6. Had other Cancer

Cancer such as vagina, cervix, and vulva is caused by HPV virus too. The people who have these cancer need to be more careful because they may have a higher risk to develop anal cancer.

7. You are a women

Not to be sexist here but according to American cancer society anal cancer are more common in women than men. Even though age and race may play a role too.

How to Prevent It?

1. If you are a smoker then quit smoking will lower your risk to develop anal cancer.

2. Living a healthy sexual life.

3. Not receiving anal sex.

4. Exercising to increase your immune system.

5. Get an HPV vaccines.

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