Creative or Ugly? Top 10 People Hairstyles Strangely Look Like Something Else Than A Hair

Buzzers, unique and trendy hairstyles are on demand! Millennials try to have something different than other people, this behaviour get them a bit too excited about self-expression and innovation. But, when it is too much??

Hmm…probably when people look at your hair and remember about something else! Just like these top 10 people whose hair resemblance something else than a hair!! Take a look below and give me your comments Buzzers!!

1. What is worst than our Christmas sweater send by our grannies? this hairstyle!! Seriously, do we need two Christmas tree in the house, ladies??

2. They thought braided bun is sexy until they saw it and remember about that “poop” emoji…hope it’s not stink.

3. When your mom take you to a barbershop and convince the barber guy that you have a centaur’s blood. You cried because “It’s a horse butt mooommm….”

4. How Bert will look like in real life…I bet his childhood is rough..

5. If you hate broccoli just remember: This is how they will say to you in real life “You just ain’t seen my worth yet…”

6. When you expect a lifetime supply from your favorite Doritos!! This is how you do it right man…

7. When you wish girls to remember you after a dinner date … “You are a spoon baby and I am your fork” #cheesy pick up lines

8. #Life Lesson number 1 : Having a Dollar bill currency on your head won’t make you rich…

9. I feel the barber needs to put more sugar on his hair…

10. I think we need to add something in Darwin’s Evolution theory. Some people evolve from Apes….and some maybe from a lamb!

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