Do You Dare To Travel To These 10 Ghastly Abandoned Places In The World? (27 Pictures)

Buzzers, what do you feel after heard “abandoned places”, “abandoned hotel”, and “abandoned castle”? Maybe you will shiver and scared! You must be thinking about a place where human is not exist or probably a place full of ghost! Apart from its darkness ambience and ghastly interior, abandoned places were a place full of hopes and dreams. The quiet walls, and old furnitures that left behind will tell us the amazing story that is covered up with the green of the bush. So, will you dare to travel to an abandoned place now?

#1. Spreepark Planterwald, Germany

#2. The abandoned house in Smolensk region, Russia

#3. Empty Castles-The Burj Al Babas, Turkey

#4. The ruins of Jumieges Abbey, France

#5. Naomh Eanna Ship in Dublin, Ireland

#6. Gudym, an abandoned nuclear soviet base in Chukotka, Russia

#7. Ho Thuy Tien, abandoned water park-Vietnam

#8. Ghost Palace Hotel in Bali – Indonesia

#9. Hachijo Royal Hotel in Izu Islands, Japan

#10. Ohio State Reformatory, USA

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