Education: A Scarcity Felt by Impoverished Children

Education, even though we all know how important it is but the source for education is limited. For us who lived in first world country, we can rely to at least technology such as free education websites to learn new skills. But, the impoverished children rarely get this access. For them, education is a luxury that is rare.

In some countries, such as Somalia, north eastern Africa and even Asia such as philippines and India, the children are prevented from going to school by their parents and by economy. Some children even don’t know how school looks like since they live very far. These conditions should not be an obstacle and creative classroom can be a solution.

There are several NGO’s and  people who care and provide this creative classroom to the impoverished children. The creative classroom enforce the education to be available wherever the students are. The highlight is the availability and not the physical installment because if you build schools first, it will take lots of time and sometimes it’s not in their culture to attend school for example is in tribal people.

To know more about it, we can flash back to what happens in Philippine and India. In the Phillippine, Efren and his team from  Dynamic teen company has given an education access to the impoverished children through pushcart classroom. He will fill his cart with books and plastic chairs then pushes the cart to look for the children. He teaches them in cemeteries, dump sites or under busy overpasses. These type of classroom could be a solution we can do to reach out the difficult neighborhood or areas.

Meanwhile in India, the UNICEF and Salaam Baalak, a charity organization, brings education to the outskirts of India through mobile study program. The outdoor class is conducted and children from impoverished family will learn English alphabets, reading, or counting. There is no pressure in their face even though they have limited sources but they are able to smile. We should be more appreciative for the education we get and hopefully we can also give our contribution in education.


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