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Exploring Fez: The Most Alluring City in Morocco

Hi Buzzers!! Have you been to Morocco? Luckily I could visit Fez, one of Moroccan charming city this month. Fez is a popular city and located in northern inland Morocco. Fez is also the second largest city after Casablanca which has its own magical spell, you surely will enjoy the ambiance here!

For my visit I stayed at the beautiful Marriot hotel. This four stars hotel already caught my eyes with walled and wooden door at the entrance. I feel like I enter a  palace as its name is Marriot Jnan Palace.,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:15224988251637886090,rc_q:Fes%2520Marriott%2520Hotel%2520Jnan%2520Palace,ru_q:Fes%2520Marriott%2520Hotel%2520Jnan%2520Palace&viewerState=lb

I recommend this hotel as you won’t get disappointed by its service, amenities, beautiful interior, friendly staffs, plus there is a beautiful swimming pool on the rooftop that make everything complete.

After stretched my feet a little bit, I really excited to explore this city. But I only know few of tourist destinations…well sorry Buzzers for this travel I didn’t really plan it. In fact if you wanted to have a great adventure, my tips is don’t plan anything! Your adventure will be amazing if you can immerse yourself with the locals and culture! Luckily I found my angel of savior in this beautiful hotel, he is Najim from Marriot hotel. He is my tour guide for the day..Perfect!!

At first, Najim and I went to Medersa Bou Inania. Medersa is Madrassa or an Islamic School located in Rue Talaa sghira Fez Bali. The wall is  beautifully carved and decorated with colorful tile works. This medersa was built by Sultan Bou Inan in between 1350-1357. This is truly a gem you should see in Fez!

Second Medersa worth a visit is Medersa el Attarine. This medersa is larger than the first one and was built by Abu said in 1325. The attraction from this medersa is its cedar wood carvings and Qarauiyine mosque.!1e10!2sAF1QipPFQl8kfESjRHz2z-m3kHEFWAqep0hWATj3kD8&viewerState=ga

While we were still in Medersa Al Attarine, the third to visit now is Qarauiyine mosque. Qarauiyine was once the world’s first universities and one of the oldest now. Today the Qarauiyine has different function, it used as a mosque and one of the largest in Morocco.!1e10!2sAF1QipPFQl8kfESjRHz2z-m3kHEFWAqep0hWATj3kD8&viewerState=ga

After seeing medersa and beautiful architecture, now it’s time for us to strolling around the third attractions;  Morocco’s oldest neighborhood Fez el Bali.

In Fez el Bali, the fourth thing we did was exploring the souks, Fez traditional Market. You can get beautiful yet unique handcrafted souvenirs from colorful slippers, rainbow glass lamp, metal or leather works, and tiles. I really love this souks!!

The fifth agenda is to visit the famous chouara tanneries of Fez!! Here you can learn the traditional dying of animal skin.  Leather shops with excellent genuine leather spreading all over this tanneries. Don’t forget to buy a gift for yourself!

The sixth places you should see according to my experience is of course a place to eat! With Najim I found the most beautiful Restaurant Palais Laraichi.

The restaurant is just full of picturesque  interior with detailed tile works and vivid red color on the floor and chairs. Not to forget a sleek yet elegance representation on our table. To be honest I feel like a royalty for a day lol. The restaurant is a family run business, I met the staff and manager who are very welcoming.

He even invited me to his house and take a walk in the neighborhood. What a blessing. By the way the little angel sitting below is the owner’s son. He is so cute!

Restaurant Palais Laraichi:

Address. : 8 Derb El Gabbas , Rue El Douh, Batha، Fes 30110, Morocco

Contact :  0661 3359 11 ( mobile )

0535 7410 40 ( Tel )

Email.    :

With a full stomach plus greatest hospitality, we went to our seventh attraction in fez; The Fez el Jedid. The Merenids built Fez el Jedid in the 13th century because Fez el Bali is too small for their palace. When you come here, you will feel tranquility and different ambiance from Fez el Bali!

Now time to go back to the lovely hotel. Buzzers hope you love my adventure today!  if you need the best tour guide don’t forget to contact this man below. Thank you Najim for making my holiday truly a gem!

Tour guide  Najim Marriot

Contact: 00 212 678 837811 (mobile)

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