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Facts behind the Fantasies of the Night

This world is like a roller coaster when we are dreaming. A dream is something that is really amazing, where we can see and experience something beyond reason, the wild and sometimes they can inspire.

The actual dream is a mysterious phenomenon and one of the most interesting things that occur in humans. Here are some facts behind the fantasies of the night.

1. The Role of the Automatic

Neurons in the brain have a large role when you dream. Cerebral Cortex which is a layer in the brain still works like when we are on. The difference in the muscles active during sleep so you don’t move

The importance of the role of sleep on health is not realized until around the 1950s when scientists began researching the activity of sleep in a special lab and see the activity that occurs in the brain when people fall asleep. From there it was only found that dreams play an important role in our health.


2. Skip Phase

According to statistical data, the total duration of the dream revolves around two hours. Usually divided into four to five phases with a time interval of 90 minutes


3. Stop Dreaming

Have you ever wanted to dismiss the dream? A scientist Werner Gross believe the human began to dream from the womb. The baby had a dream about 50% and according to psychologists Uros Javonic said: “We can stop the dream at the age of 100 years.”



4. See something

We can only remember dreams that occur in the Rapid Eye Movement phase (REM). Based on the research phase that lasted almost an hour before we wake up

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5. Disturbing the peace & Harmony

Women have the ability to remember the contents of his dreams than men because it caused many women to talk about them and this is so because the women rarely fast asleep. Research at Mannheim University aromatherapy rose can affect the smell of the nose so that it can form a dream that is positive.


6. Self Control

Control yourself when the dream can be carried out by the method of Lucid Dream.

The purpose of the human experience the lucid dream itself is not yet known for certain. However, many therapists and experts who exploit the conditions of the conscious dream as a treatment or therapy. For example, to heal the psychological trauma, increase self-confidence, develop a sense of self, and explore the subconscious. ( Rr. Bamandhita Rahma Setiaji)


7. Dream of Erotic

According to one online magazine the fact women can dream of erotic 5 times a month and the boy 15 times and a lot happens when we sleep face down.


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