Facts in Lechuguilla Cave: A Hidden Treasure of New Mexico

1. Lechuguilla Cave is part of Guadalupe Mountain Range. This Cave located in New Mexico which restricted by the authority only for scientific expedition only.

Lechuguilla Cave

Credit: Photo by WGBH educational foundation

2. The name Lechuguilla itself comes from a type of bushes which cover the ground 1400 feet or around 427 meters above the cave.

Needle Park Maze

 Credit: Photo by Dave Bunnell

3. This cave also nominated the world’s longest cave and the deepest limestone cave in the United States.

Boundary Waters Soda Straws

Credit: Photo by Dave Bunnell

4. The cave has been dominated by white gypsum which comes in various shapes such as crystals, flakes, flowers, spikes, cones, and powder.

Gypsum in flakes shape

Credit: Photo by Ann and Peter Bosted

5. Inside the cave is covered by various formations that scientists have named mammillaries, a more beautiful form of stalactites.

Calcite columns and mammillaries

Credit: Photo by Michael Nichols for NatGeo / WGBH educational foundation

6. The cave also has three lakes inside it with beautiful colors and around 15 meters deep and 30 meters across.

Lake Castrovalva

Credit: Photo by Instagram @shonephoto

7. The scientist named the lake as Lake Lechuguilla, Lake Lebarge, and Lake Castrovalva.

Pearlsian gulf

Credit: Photo by Ann and Peter Bosted

8. The lake Castrovalva surrounded by stones which give a beautiful curve. The deep blue water resemblance of this cave solitude and serenity giving a wondrous view that you can see once in a lifetime.

Lake Castrovalva

Credit: Photo by Instagram @shonephoto

9. The gypsum flowers decorated around Lake Le barge such an unbelievable view underneath the earth.

Gypsum flowers

Credit: Photo by Urs Widmer

10.  The pearlsgulf as its name surrounded by rounded pearls in different sizes. There’s also a pit nearby which has mammillaries in unique forms, the scientist called this area as the dead sea.

The dead sea

Credit: Photo by Dave Bunnell

Credit :

Delano, R., & Davis, D. 2015. The Firefall: Exploration of the World’s Most Beautiful Cave.

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